October 4, 2011

Day 8 after a break

My intention when I started this was to blog each day as I went thru things,  Whew last week was a busy week, Yes I still found time to be with God,  But honestly it was rushed.  Think about it how many times have we rushed through life only to look back and think Darn'd it all, I should of stopped to smell the roses.  So I did just that last week,  Rushed,  to get a dress for homecoming for my C,  Get a White Tie for Homecoming for Z then it was rush rush rush to get things done and then after all was said and done it was time for a parade which I was not ready for,  A game which was freezing cold and wet but I was there cheering on my C during her half time and then rushing around all day Saturday just with a bit of time to stop and breathe and spend some time with my Mom who came all the way from Michigan to see her kids perform and go to Homecoming,  How nice it was to have them here.   So hard to believe how much both of my kids have grown over the years.   I hope that the values I have instilled in them will carry them thru their lives.

Day 8
Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.   Psalm 119:105 AMP 

Lets think about this for a moment a light unto my feet.  This past week God guided me allowed me to remain patient and not lose it too much,  I could feel a cold coming upon me like a weakness and I prayed it away til the last day.. Saturday when it hit me full force, Runny nose, Sniffles, Scratchy throat, Watery Eyes and I stood their in the mirror looking at myself with a miserable heart and said to myself and to GOD get me thru this today please I cannot be weak or collapse and he did.  Its kind of amazing to think about it but I got thru the day all snuffles and all and it was a success.   The kids had a great time at Homecoming,  Both were happy and fed well ( thanks to Grandma's Gumbo )  Gosh I sure miss those meals at her house.

So the Daily step was for me to find a Bible verse to help you with a situation that you are facing right now.

I found a slip of paper from my daughter's confirmation class from 3 years ago when she told us out loud that her mission in life is music and youth worship she wants to be a vocal technique teacher.  We stand behind her in this as God has given her a voice that I can only imagine at times.  And when she sings its like the angels are surrounding you and singing you Gods praises.  I know I am her mother but just imagine a pure voice singing to you.  Its so comforting.   So the verse that I chose was off of this slip of paper. Its kind of my Journey this time.

Phillipians 1:6  And I am certain that God, Who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus Returns.   

WOW .. read it again.  Think about it and ponder it in prayer,  God's work is never done,  but he is continuing to work on me. In my heart, soul and mind.  I have  alot of thoughts going thru my head this week as Thursday I am at the doctors for more tests,  to find out what is wrong.  If you can keep me in your prayers this week as the doctors try to find out what is wrong that would be amazing.. God is amazing and almighty he cures and heals the weak and strong.  From their hearts to their minds to their body's.  I pray that God Heals my Body and Heart and Mind and keeps me on the path that he has us on.

With Joy and Blessings to you and your family I pray for you all.   Each of you both unknown and known who read this.   Prayers and may God be the light that guides you down the path of life.

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