October 17, 2011


Do you ever wonder what Jesus's Birthday was like?  how bout Mary's or Martha's or Ruth's or Noah's?  Ever wonder what it is like to be told you'll never celebrate that birthday by doctors?  

Well we are....  in 3 hours My baby is 16 we were told it would never happen,  He would never make it the disease he has would make it to where we would never see the day.. heck at the age of 4 we were told less than 48 hours,  before that at 7 weeks old with RSV and in the PICU at Travis AFB Hospital we were told .. He might not make it thru the night.   And before that with the Pregnancy we were told that their is a chance he may not make it .   So here I sit 16 years later looking at a little boy who became a Teenager to a young adult and he did it..  

I hope that Z has a great 16th birthday and that we keep defying the odds and living strong.  Next milestone.  Driving.  I am no where near ready for this.  

With Love Christy

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