November 30, 2011

Winner Winner WInner

I just participated in a Calendar Blog Hop hosted by Scrappy Zeni.  And offered the calendar I made as the prize  I am so happy to say that 

McVic won
 AKA Kacee  - Her comment Super cute and speedy too! you Rock!  WTG Kacee 

Now for a very cool announcement its time to Countdown to Christmas or as I love to say the birth of Christ.. Each day 2 posts will post one of  a project featuring a different idea for all 25 days and then one of a devotion to get you in the spirit.  I challenge you to take the journey with me.

With out further ado here is a sneak peek 

November 29, 2011

Copics and his spirit

I recently started using Copics and I have to say I am in love.. I get my copics from Amuse Studio where I am a consultant and I can't get enough of them.

I decided to whip up a cute christmas card for the holidays to give to some one special.  The person in mind has not yet entered my life so it will be a complete stranger who is blessed.  

Here is some details on how I created this card.

First of all I selected an image this image is from Unity Stamp Company you can find them here 

I chose Prince of Peace Isiah 9:6  His name will be called wonderful counselor, mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.   you can find this stamp here

I used the following copics to color this
BG 10 Cool Shadow ( shading outside and Swaddling cloth on Jesus)
E33 Sand ( Jesus Face, Straw and Cradle)
R29 Lipstick Red ( Rays between the bible verse
0 Colorless blender ( used to lighten Jesus face and also to outline cradle and straw area)
Here is the pics while coloring

Color Jesus's Face and then use colorless blender to lighten the skin tone 

 Color and shade with Cool Shadow note multiple layers of Cool shadow were applied to blanket to give depth,  Cool shadow is used around words as well 

Color Rays I used Y19 Napoli Yellow in this one but the final products shows the R29 Lipstick Red 

Shaded and finished now to make into a card.. see below for the finished product 

Enjoy and I hope God blesses you this Season 

November 28, 2011


Its the Season of Christmas I am so excited about the upcoming Season not only because it is the Birth of my Savior,  but also because of the spirit of giving.   But its also about Change.  

Think about it by now in most places the Leaves have fallen,  the trees are bare and its a Change,   No more are the days of summer but yet the cool non sunny days of winter.   We can either let our spirit wither and fall or we can let it rise.  I challenge you to let it rise.  

Today I challenge you in the spirit of Christmas and the season to create Change and Hope. 

Check out this 8 minute video today of Change.  

What can you Change in your life today?  Can you change the way you look at people?  Can you change the way you help others?  Can you Change what you do in your life to affect others.  Have you ever been so far down that you wondered is their an up.  It takes one small token to Change the world. A penny to change the life of a person.   Just imagine if in this video if the little boy had not stopped to look and pick up that penny where would his mom or him be at this point.. One Moment in life and your world is changed.   One second and the entire reason you thought you were here is Changed.  

Today when you are sitting in front of your screen and thinking what can I do to make a difference.   Think about the Change you have sitting around.   

This past week we started a study in our Sunday School Class the Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn.  in the book he asks us.. What do you do with your Treasure.   Today its amazing to think that 10 years ago I sat and thought about what I needed to keep up with the Jones's,  What cool car I wanted to drive,  What house I wanted to live in, What TV I wanted to have in my living room.   now I think about How can I give that gift to others,  what person needs something not wants but needs something.  How can I feed the hungry?  How can I support the poor?  How can I make a difference in the lives of others around me both Old and young.  Can I go and sit in a nursing home or one of the shut in's in our church and sit and talk with them?  Can I visit a hospital and just offer a shoulder to cry on?   So this season I am making a difference.   I am going out to make the world a better place one person at a time.  Changing the world we know today from self centered to Centered around our God.  Planting seeds that will grow.  Sharing the word of our God and making sure that Everyone I know knows the God I serve the one that like in this video took care of those who needed cared for.   

Take a minute and pray for those you don't know yet that are coming in your life and pray for them to feel Christ's Presence and to know that even though they may not feel his love directly you are loving them for him, showing them that Christ is a god of all nations and is a god who will help all nations..   

Prayers for you my friend and prayers that this season you are blessed beyond your needs and able to share and give more than you ever thought possible.  God is amazing go forth and share his word.  

OSU vs Michigan YAY Blue

Saturday was a great day,  Not only was it our town's annual Christmas parade which I went out to watch ( great floats for a small town)  but it was also the biggest rivalry game of the season.  All week I had been talking to our Discipleship Coordinator Jarrod at our church about how when Michigan won that Indeed I would prepare him the ultimate card for Sympathy.  Well I did it.

I was so thrilled when I google searched and found these Images at Dude Time Doodles.. They are perfect for that "manly card"  and I do think I have found a new love of the game.   So shocking and stunning to think about making a "manly card" with out flowers :)
So I used Penatly Pat which can be found Here   and for the inside I used Football Phil which is also found with Penalty Pat.   I colored these wtih my Copic markers which I love I get mine from mine from Here   I am starting a "copic club"  soon watch for details.  

So with out further ado here is the card that won't it all.   Enjoy

I would love to thank our Discipleship Coordinator for being such an awesome sport.   and I also wanted to thank my family for being so supportive of my hobby.  I do think this was by far one of my favorite cards to make this year.   Can't wait til December 1st when I do the kick off of Christmas 25 Christmas Projects in under an hour.  ( each one that is)   Enjoy

November 25, 2011

Calendar Blog Hop 2012

Welcome to the Calendar Blog hop you should be here from Roberta, who I can imagine just stunned you with talent, however if your just popping on start at the beginning at our wonderful Host Scrappy Zeni.  

Don't forget their is blog candy from our lovely host Zeni so make sure to comment on each Blog to win and remind me at the end to tell you what prize you get from me.  

So Lets talk Calendar's.  We all need them.  I like simple and I created this in literally less than an hour.

I love the idea of a projected calendar where I can peek ahead at the month and have the "dates" that are important to me highlighted.   Check out the photos and how I built this in less than an hour... 

1.  3 pieces of solid Card stock 12 x12 I used Red.  5 cuts 4 3/4 x 11 12 cuts 2 1/2 x 4 1/4 
2.  4 Sheets of Patterned Card stock 8 1/2 x 11  cut to 4 1/2  x 10
3.  Printed copy of Calendar, just send me an email at to get your copy of the template make sure to print this at 2 sheets per paper 
4.  Cut Calendar to 2 1/4 x 4 
5 start to assemble.. see pictures for tutorial 

Now for the fun part.  Don't forget to comment on all the blogs in the blog hop to be eligible for the awesome Blog candy sponsored by our host Zeni

And just incase you got lost along the way here is a line up off all the blogs :)  

Have a great day and enjoy visiting Monica's Blog Next.  

Whoops I forgot one lucky Commenter will get the Calendar I just whipped up so make sure to comment.  Winner will be drawn on December 1st.   :) In order to win you must follow the my blog and Comment :)   


November 23, 2011

And all thru the house

Turkey was cooking,  Pies are prepped for baking and the sides are prepared and its time to dine.

This year is kind of special because its one of the first times we have been able to be together as a family in a long time.  Just us.  Its kind of nice.   The kids are resting ( exhausted from the school week).

So I sit here the day before the big day and think of what I am thankful for .

1.  God - Who accepts me for who I am
2.  My husband Klark -  21 years together and we are going for 21 more
3.  My kids though teenage years are rough I would not change a moment with them.  Sometimes though I wish they were still little and needed mom more than now
4.  My Friends near and far.  with out them I would have no one to vent with
5.  My Freedom to be able to walk on the streets, praise our God in the way I want,  Vote and even more so the abliity to be able to voice our opinions with out fear of death from the government.
6.  My crafting room, its where I heal my mind and body and soul. its important for the stresses in life to be put aside during a few hours of creating art.
7.  This Blog which allows me to be open and free to express myself in ways i know how.
8.  The little things,  my pets, the house, a roof, Gas, Water and electric and more so the fact that I have family and friends who get what we are living with
9. Memories of past.  I miss the ones who are waiting for me in Heaven and its so cool that soon one day we will be reunited.  

With love this season I pray that you can find the time to spend with friends and family and those around you and be reminded is nto the size of the TV that matters its the size of the heart that matters.. Love one another as you love and be peaceful. May all your blessings be given during this holiday.


November 20, 2011


2 Corinthians 9:13-14
Because of the service by which you have proved yourselves, men will praise God for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them and with everyone else. And in their prayers for you their hearts will go out to you, because of the surpassing grace God has given you. (NIV)

In 1995, We were blessed with an angel,  Our son was born, He had aspirated meconium in the womb and was on Oxygen and antibiotics to begin his life.  Little did I know that 16 years later this would be a normal for us.
 Lets fast forward 4 years later.  We now lived in  Singapore.  Zack my son is a healthy 4 year old he had beat the odds, with RSV, Menegitis, Pnemonia, a mystery illness and several others.   It on a HOT  winter day that we found that Zack had melioidosis,   It was over the phone that we received the call that our son would be passing in 48 hours.     It was that day that we discovered that he had an allergy to the only known Antibiotic that “cures” the disease.  ( it was that day that our lives changed forever.)  It was that day that both my husband and I got on our knees and Thanked god for the days that he allowed Zack to be in our lives.   FF to 3 days after this news.. we sat in a hospital room talking to a very active 4 year old who refused to eat anything but Frenchfries and BBQ sauce.  We sat in a room where doctors looked on in amazement at the remarkable improvement that Zack had.   We sat in a room Thanking our God once again for the days that were given to us for our son.   We returned home that next week with instructions that at the slightest fever, slightest cough, rash vomiting, or anything that did not seem normal to immediately return to the hospital.   Zack returned to School and we returned to life.   The disease it appeared had disappeared.   Or so we thought.   FF to 2002 We are now living in Virginia.   Zack had been sick a few times in between but he was doing great.   Then that morning came,  Fever  104.0 the area where they had removed the bacteria as largely inflamed,  his face was rashy and he was vomiting, we panicked.  Why because only 5 children in the USA have this disease that Zack has only 5 children total have the infection he has.  5 days in ICU,  10 days in the hospital and our fears were born again,  The doctors called it a close one and the nurses said that they had just witnessed a miracle.  I call it us giving thanks to God again.  And we were told that we were looking at the most 5 to 7 years left before the disease would take over and take our son.   We continued to pray for our son’s health.  
FF to July of 2011 we had just moved to Ohio we left a great doctor who in 2010 had performed a surgery on Zack that was at the time risky,  it was at the time necessary because the illness was flaring.       In July Zack had started to complain his hip was hurting ( it will always ache)  So we gathered him up rushed him down to Children’s and again we were back to where we have been for years prior.  Only this time everything went wonderful we were in and out with in a day.  Til the unfortunate stared.. You see this disease Melioidosis is a mimicker.  It likes to replicate the symptoms for other diseases and hide the truth .  What is a cold to you becomes pneumonia to us,  What is a rash to you becomes a staph infection to us. 
On October 18th, 2011.  We celebrated our 16th year of being blessed to have zack in our lives.   We celebrated quietly with cake and punch and prayers of thanks.   You see on that day in 2002 we were told we would never see this day by doctors.  We were told that it would never happen.   We were told that well it will be a long road but a very bad road.  We believe that it would happen, we believed that he would make it we believed that God has a plan for Zack though we may never know what it is we believe that god is the only one who knows.
I have journaled our lives journey’s over the year in sporadic places.   And its kind of amazing to think that indeed the journey we have made is one that I would not wish on anyone but I am so Thankful that God has allowed us to take this Journey.  
FF now to the current day.  You see little did we know that 16 years ago when zack was born, His father and I carry recessive Genes to a disease called Angio Neurtoic Edema.  It kind of explains a few things that have happened over the course of the years.   Allergy flare ups,   Pain in joints, bones and other areas.  And most recently another 3 day stay at Children’s  for an anaphalytic reaction to what we had though were allergies what we found was not only allergies but this illness.  And yet again we were told that If the reaction goes anaphalytic  we could lose our son.   Odds that we had been told before. 
So what do you do you start to pray.   Praying for Thanks to our god for what he has given us.   Prayers that God gives you this.   Galations 5 22-23 
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.
But here is what I ask aren’t all of our day’s numbered?   We are in no way promised to be here on earth for Eternity.  What we are promised is Eternal life thru our savior Jesus Christ.  Its my belief that though I don’t know how many days I have left with my son,  I don’t know how many days I have left here on Earth either.  But every day I give thanks to my God for another day.  Another adventure and another hour, minute and second he has given us to be here with our son. 
Thankful for the God that I know loves us.   As we are who we are and where we are regardless of anything anyone has done Our God loves us.   Prayers to you my friends for your support during the  coming years and prayers to my God who I am forever thankful for the love he has given us. 
Though we may have not won this battle yet we are winning because indeed we are with our God.   What a great gift that is.  
Thank you god so much for what you have given us and thank you so much for believing in our family to raise this angel of yours.  We are eternally greatful for you God.   

November 13, 2011

Sheltering Tree's

Ever had that friend that no matter what loves you uncoditionally you can tell them anything you ever wanted to and know that no matter what it won't leave the depths of their ears.  Well I have that friend.  

I met Susan in 1995 in a Chat room on AOL.  Susan and I have alot in common and after much debate we determined we were sisters seperated at birth from a different mother and father.   The days of our lives revolved around times of seperation due to disagreements to times of just tears from things happening in our lives.  No matter what though it was times of sheltering we offered for each other that inspired me.  

Recently I started being a consultant for A muse studio and in my kit was this stamp set that had the quote " Your Friendship is like a Sheltering Tree"  this inspired me to make this.  

You see outside in my front yard is a Red Maple tree the leaves are shocking right now and I wanted to make sure to capture it and preserve it if at all possible so I sat and pondered about what to make then it came to me.   That stamp .  

Enjoy this moment of Creativity of an Altered Art Project it is in a 3 x 5 stretched canvas,  Glimmer mist was used for the background and the Leaf stamp is from Amuse studio as well as the flowers used on the front.  The 2 maple leaves symbols to me of our friendship being ever lasting like the color red.  Though we bleed red our blood runs deep and true.  Its all held together by Aleens Clear Tacky Glue and I simply love it.. The pearls and diamond accents are from Amuse Studio.  Enjoy 

 Want to see more creations go to Creativity Heals  and join our site for some great inspiration 
or simply visit for the products used in today's design.   

I would love to see your inspiration of what a Friend does for you.

November 12, 2011


God taught us patience,  but sometimes it wears so thin,

Tonight I sit in a room surrounded by bells, whistles, beeps, crying, tears, and just waiting for the answers to what is going on.   Its been 5 days since we started the journey of this one.  5 days of constant itching, swelling redness, puffiness and unknown answers.   The allergists were in saying indeed it may get worse before it gets better but we sit,  waiting on the doctors to figure out what the problem is.   But rather than sitting here upset we decided to do something about it.  So we made the best out of the situation and decided to share the fruit of god.  So sitting in the day room today from 2 to 4 pm we prayed with families and relished in the fact that though we are uncomfortable we are rashy, we are swollen and itchy we were so much better off than the children who were sitting in wheelchairs because they were not able to walk, children who were in for Chemo because they had cancer, Children who like us were hoping and praying for miracles and answers to what is wrong.  

So we sit,  meds are not helping the steriods make him swell and turn bright red,  the itch has not stopped since the last does of Epi last night.  and we sit and wait. The doctors agreed though even if we "are ready to go with out answers"  we are ready to stay to find the answers.  So with that we sit and are a patient with little patience.  So tonight I ask god to give us the ability to have Patience.  Patience with the effects of this illness/ reaction/ disease and patience with the staff as we look for answers that are not coming.   * maybe an episode of house would help us.   :)  

God knows the answers so we wait for the right person to enter our life that is sent by God to find us the cure to what we face every day the unknown.   16 years, and 3 weeks we beat the odds and we can continue to do it.   :)   One day at a time.  Jesus spoke the promises and healed people one day at a time we just wait for our day.  


November 11, 2011

72 Days since our last visit

For those of you who know us know that yet again we are back in the ER for another short stay possibly long stay for our Son,  Zack has an allergic reaction going on and no one knows why or what or where the problem exists but we sit and wait.  

It was going so good Klark and I mentioned it a week and a half ago we were finally starting to see the surface of the water.  The top after an entire summer of back and forth to Children's gas prices falling and rising and then rising more and then the loss of Klark's Job for 5 weeks.  it was quite painful Faith got us thru it.  Here we are again. Advantage Klark has a job, Thank you God for this gift,  We are almost on top and I am okay with staying for a few days to get him taken care of.  

 it all started about a week ago when we noticed the surgery site started having a rash area,   suspecting an infection of some type calls were made and it was determined lets see what path it takes. So we did. adn it got better with in 2 days the rash was subsiding and we thought whew we did it no rush to ER, no mad trips to teh doctors office and we were good ..  That was Friday of last week.  FF to Tuesday at 530 am I am awaken with a zack who says to me I am not going to school I feel like Crap mom and I am swollen,   Not quite awake I looked up adn seen swelling ( not focused too well ) and told him to crawl back in bed and we would look again when he woke up.  Whew was he swollen.   So we headed off to the ER for a reaction of some type to look for relief.   We got a little not much but a little.. now FF to today,   we are now sitting in the ER at Cinci Childrens waiting on answers.  Answers of the unknown.

So today when you are sitting at home thinking of what you want to do I just ask a small favor of a prayer for my son and that we can get the answers and that a miracle can help us to find out what is wrong.

With love


November 9, 2011

Trips to ER's bring ......

Once again we spent the night at the ER this time for an allergic reaction or a flare up of the Shingles.   UGH.  Once again we were just at the point of getting ahead and POOF it happens stress flares infection which flares subset infections which flares stress.  

Gotta love this cycle.   But I am also reminded everyday, second or moment in life that indeed its a Journey we take.   I can't tell you how many times I have sat and talked with mom's and dad's who live our life.   The life of constant watching over your children to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

A little History of our Son,  It all started at 5 weeks old when we noticed he was not breathing well and such we rushed to the ER to be told its a cold and that he will be fine.  That was December 18th.  December 24th that year we were sitting in the PICU at Travis AFB with our son hooked up to every wire, monitor, and machine to keep him alive.  RSV was the diagnosis and of course their are 3 levels,  Good Bad and Worse,  we were facing the worse.   He survived after 10 days.   Next trip 4 months later unknown fever unknown illness yet again survived after a brief stay at the hospital.  So far in Zack's life we have visited the hospital for overnight stays of 20 days or more almost every year.  It feels like recently though its becoming more frequent.

But rather than focus on the fact that this is part of our reality of life.   Lets focus on the fact that this is part of our life.   this is an important part.  The friends that I have made are forever in this situation they all know and can feel what it is you go thru when things start to collapse around you.   They all know what it is like to find out that indeed the world in which you live in revolves around 4 walls, God, family, Friends and Hospitals.  Finding the best care for your child at the best time is what is top in the line.

So this brings us to today.   well last night another long night at the ER with a face swollen, eyes swelled, hives, and rashes all over the body and no answers.  Suspect that it was something he got into but Shingles lingers on my mind as a flare up.   I pray it is not but I suspect that indeed it is.  So we sit and wait to see if hte meds we were perscribed will work or not.  If so we sit and wait and see if they do.  and we go again one second, minute, hour, day, month at a time.    Its been 92 days since our last trip to the doctors its almost time to start it over.   Packing a bag just incase we wind up staying over night.

November 6, 2011


Ever go on a trip?   Ever go anywhere exciting?  Well this past week I have been traveling, not far but around.   Well literally around in prayer.    

I have decided on a new adventure in life, well not too new but one that I really feel God's prompting.   Its amazing to me to think that a year ago I was sitting in Michigan, Gaylord, and wondering where is my life going.  The prompting was there with God to bring my gifts to the public but the fear was real in where do I do this how do I do this and what will I do.  This was 2 weeks after Hobby Lobby opened.   So I sat in anguish about why everything happens the way it does.  I was mad I was upset I was excited.  

So now I sit a year later in Hillsboro Ohio.  I am happy to report the dream of opening up my own store is happening.   I am excited to think that indeed God is blessing me in more ways than I have ever thought.  God is simply amazing.   Paper Scraps N More will be opening here in Hillsboro soon.   We are looking for a January Open date and I am excited.   I cannot believe that its happening and I am over the moon on the thought that indeed we are looking toward the future.   Its kind of odd but I do believe that we have found where God has called us to be.   

So I am also happy to let you know that I am a consultant for A Muse Studio based out of Seattle Washington.   It took me a bit to find the right company to choose but I love their products and their samples and I am excited about the future.  You can find my store at   and you can feel free to ask any questions.   

So you probably noticed up on the top I have a New TAB that says CRAFTS .. well that is right I am starting to Craft again,  mostly Paper products but even more exciting is the fact that I am on a new design team of Crafters called Creative Cafe.   We are a team of women who create and inspire you to create and inspire others.   My goal is to allow you to reach out and find the Dream that you want to follow.   

So step on the journey and lets get started.   

BTW the day is Day 72 Its been 72 days since I started this Journey in my walk and wow is it amazing.   God's love simply astounds me daily on his gifts of what he does for us in our lives.   

Today's Verse:   But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We will always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. (2 Corinthians 4:7-10)  

So think about it.    WOW.  God is molding me in to that Jar that will hold his spirit within and allow it to be seen from the Outside in and the Inside out.   

How full is your Jar of God?   Remember God knows let him heal and help you Just ask and you shall receive the best gift of life.  the Eternal life to know that when our times comes to Leave earth and ascend into heaven we too will meet and be together til then. I am so excited about the journey we are about to make.