October 13, 2011

Once Upon a Family

Well I dove off the deep end, well not really those of you who know me know I love to Scrapbook, and Make cards and Craft,  in fact I have been busy this last month preparing for a show in November which I am so excited about.   making Cards, Making little journals, Making books etc.  so now its time to really think about where this is going so I dove off the deep end. :)

God has really placed on my heart things I needed to get straight in my life. No more curvy roads for me.  So I sit and think WOW. lets do this lets make it happen and poof I am there.   I was searching today because I miss working from home,  Not necessarily working from home persay but I miss working from home and bringing in some type of income to help out with the family expenses and such.   And I simply love crafting.  So I stumbled upon this website about 3 years ago. and today of all days I was sitting in my quiet time and thinking God where is it you want me to go?   What is it that you want me to do?   Why God do you keep putting up all of these Road Blocks and poof it happened he answered BIG. So I did it I dove off and started the business today.   well a week ago but I wanted to make sure its where I wanted to go before I did it. and it is.   I am so excited about this new journey and can't wait til I can share it with you.. so go check out my site at Once upon a family  and check out their products and be surprised at what you might find.

Til later When I show you want I made which by the way I can't I will leave you in suspense.. ASK god today where does he want you to walk.. what path and follow it

Enter my new business.. Once Upon a Family I am now an affiliate of the company which means I get to show and demonstrate their products and I am impressed.  I ordered a week ago some of the items and they arrived today in the mail and of course I popped open the box and went YES..  the quality the look the touch and feel are simply amazing and I am excited about it  The Keys shown here are the best part.  I love them  

and even better are the bound albums the smell is that of my grandfather's leather jacket.. rich and lovely.  

and by far the most favorite item that I found was this.. simply speechless 
I ordered this one for a Father's Day gift for my dad Next year..   I want him to remember the Dates we had over the years.   I cherish those times 

Most of all this is an easy way to capture the memories check it out and let me know your thoughts.  again I am astounded by the quality 

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