October 25, 2011


Ever get so frustrated that you just don't know where to turn?  

Lets talk about Change you know the kind in your pocket. NOT

Definition pulled from

Change. It happens every day, every moment, everywhere. To live fully we must learn to embrace change and honor it, even when change arrives with companions, Fear and Uncertainty.
These quotes about preparing for and embracing  change will help you to see how very natural it is.
Life is about evolving and actively creating change, as well as learning how to go with the flow when inevitable change comes our way. Be inspired and motivated by these helpful quotes about change and transformation.

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy, for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter into another."
- Anatole France

"Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant."
- Anthony D'Angelo'

"We must learn to view change as a natural phenomenon - to anticipate it and to plan for it. The future is ours to channel in the direction we want to go... we must continually ask ourselves, 'What will happen if...?' or better still, 'How can we make it happen?' "
- Lisa Taylor

"If we can recognize that change and uncertainty are basic principles, we can greet the future and the transformation we are undergoing with the understanding that we do not know enough to be pessimistic."
- Hazel Henderson

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge."
- Tuli Kupferberg

"In every crisis there is a message. Crises are nature's way of forcing change, breaking down old structures, shaking loose negative habits so that something new and better can take their place."
- Susan Taylor

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."
- Helen Keller

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
- Reinhold Niebuhr

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."
- Victor Frankl

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies."
- Author Unknown

"Change has long been a fearful thing for human beings ... and at the same time, it is our most Divine opportunity. Clinging to the banks of the river may seem safe and more secure, but life's possibilities are truly engaged only when we trust, release and become part of The Flow of the Universe."
- Chelle Thompson, Editor of Inspiration Line

"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we are not really living."
- Gail Sheehy

My favorite one .. Gail Sheehy,   Its about Growth,  I want growth in our Church but I am afraid that the "old" is winning out,  I hate and hate is a strong word but I hate hearing well this is how it has always been done.  

Well its not working.   I want the Change I want the sacrifice of the people to accept that their is a reason and a need for Change and I want it to happen and want it to be now.  

I know that God is pulling on my strings about things I can feel them.  The fact that our service is small. I get it.  But how do we grow if we don't feed the people?    Feed them spiritually and feed them locally?   yes I agree it was so cool this week to see the neighborhood come together for the Fall Carnival at our church and I agree some came for a free meal,  But their were some who came because they wanted to see what we were about.   Were we selfish in saying this is our building or were we Alive?   I want to say we were alive but I also want flexibility.  I want representation in the church I want to feel welcome not always told NO ...  you can't do that or NO you can't do this or NO we can't do this because it might upset someone.   I want to be alive I want to be free and I want to have the Change happen. I want to reach people and I want them to be alive in Christ and if it means that I go against the grain over and over again about Growth and being strong in my faith I will.  I want my Church my home to be just that a Church and home that is welcoming to all people and all walks.  I want my church and my home to reach the people who are "unchurched" but mostly who don't know Jesus like I know Jesus.  I want my friends and family to reach out and hear that God is speaking to them and pulling on their heart strings.   I simply WANT CHANGE.   

So I sit and wait.  Thursday I will go and schedule a meeting with the Pastor to talk about Change to talk about what I feel and how I can see it happening in our Church and I want to see the service grow. I want to be able to freely raise my hands and praise my god with others who are there to hear and believe in what I believe in and I want to most importantly SHARE Jesus with others.  Which means if I invite them to Church and say come and try it out.   That we do it.. we go forth and spread the seeds and plant a crop of good wheat. and we grow our Church.    

Sorry for the long wind but I needed to express it out and get it out... Our church is a great church but it needs to start flexing before we are leaving the seeds behind and they grow like weeds instead of wheat.   

Prayers Christy 

October 24, 2011

Urgent Prayer request

About two weeks ago I wrote about a little girl named Brittany what I need right now is prayers for this Angel ... Pray hard and pray steady and Pray fast for Jacey and her mom and her Grandparents and family and friends.

This is so hard to comprehend much less understand but right now there is a serious need for prayers for a little girl.

Jacey was born in March of this past year healthy or so we thought,  She is now 8 months old and is fighting for her life..  God is a giver of miracles if we ask and we are asking right now that you fight for her.  

Put on your armor and fight for our Jacey.  Fight hard.   Prayers for her and for you Brittany...

Prayers are being said...

SMA is a horrid disease you can find out more about it here.  Please Pray for her.. and pray for Brittany.  

Prayers my sweet angel.. Prayers..

Love always


God,  its me again, no not margaret but Christy and I need you more than ever to reach over and touch Jacey's heart and Brittany's heart,  I need you to heal her I ask this of you to heal her and relieve her of any pain and give her the life she deserves... God I knwo that you pick special people to be your angels but I am asking you right now to bypass Jacey, heal her and allow her to do your work on earth by spreading the Joy that you provided in a miracle.  God you are the healer of all, the father of all, and the creator of all.  and right now I ask that you heal Jacey.  Prayers get answered every day and I ask you to please just answer this one.  Prayers.. Christy

October 23, 2011

What was that you said again.. CANCER

Yay I said it that word.. the one no one wants to ever hear,  Then you sit down and again once again you start browsing those facebook posts and poof a name pops up Terri Juneau,  

Yeah we all have those teachers,  the ones that you remember.  How many do you know that later you wonder how is she doing, I wonder whatever happened to her?   well about 4 months ago on that great social network Facebook, There is a group that was formed that said

You know your from pineville if..........

and poof her name popped up.  getting caught skipping class,  Getting caught doing something you were not suppose to,  Taking Spanish to avoid the Class in French.   But you know what is odd that even though I never took a class from her she knew me.  She reached out to me and she had it down.  She was one of those teachers that looking back had the ability to pick out the not so perfect kids and get them straight.  She cared.  

So this brings me to where we are right now.  Mrs Juneau was recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.. SO NOT COOL.  and yes I said the word again.   Find out about her Journey here

And no one ever deserves to get sick, much less get CANCER.  Why is it that this word is out there?   I kind of think its like this


Think about it..

Cancer is just that it brings people back to where they are suppose to be.  Ever wonder if Cancer was brought about for just that.  I have noticed over the years when some one gets diagnosed with Cancer,  they begin to live.   Why is that the way it works?   Why is it that it takes a disease that could take your life that all the sudden its about getting back to life?   Getting back to what is important?  

Maybe the Cancer is what causes this to happen?   Maybe its something that no one can explain but I have seen it over and over again.. Cancer brings people back to God, it brings people back to life but yet it takes life.   When people battle cancer they become so close to God its amazing.  I just wonder if its all God's Plan.

I just read this article about my old French Teacher in High school that was never my teacher but yet one that reached out. And what is sweet is that I know more french than I do Spanish, Mainly because I sat in the back of Mrs Davis's class in 10th grade and rather than here English I heard Mrs Juneau speaking French to all of her students and I paid attention.  Pretty amazing to think that I get it now.. God had a plan.

So Mrs Juneau this is for you.

Prayer's and Blessings for your family and for you to beat this.. God is on your side ... and in French

Mme Juneau, kick butt et le cancer de gagner cette course. Nous prions pour vous

Prayers and blessings with love.. 


God's Trials our Triumphs

Have you ever wondered why God does what he does?  The trials we are put thru?  Recently I was put into a position to have to call some one near and dear and deliver disappointing news that our children made a bad decision but as a Parent I needed to let you know of this decision. 

The results,  Anger, from the children,  grief and heartache from the parents that the kids we raised to be Godly made a mistake,  They sinned.   What is it that makes Children sin?  What is it that makes Adults sin?   What is it that makes us want to run away from it all and burrow and hide?

Believe me when I say all I wanted to do was run and bury my head in  sand like a Ostrich and hide.   But instead I sat down and prayed about the outcome and started making phone calls.  It was the hardest decision in my life to sit down and start calling parents that indeed their kids had made choices that were just unacceptable and my own child was one of them. 

So last night I sat in anger, grief, misery and prayed. God has delivered.   The consequences are still being dealt with and the choices these kids made is being handled.  But it was thru God that I had the courage to do what I did. I am so thankful that our God is a forgiving God and can forgive our children for what they do. 

 I wonder what would of happened had he not been on my side guiding me? 

So I sit here the day after the calls, the visits, the choices that children made and I sit and wonder.   Do you run and hide or do you take it face forward and keep moving .. and Praying for those who were wounded in this news. 

Prayers to the families involved and we will get thru this one way or another. 

October 20, 2011

Does Prayer really work

Ever Wonder if Prayer really works? I have heard well it would of happened regardless if you prayed or not.  I tend to think NOT.   It would of been the same outcome if it had happened, I tend to think NOT.   Could of , Would of , Should of.. its all the same.. It would not of happened if you Could of prayed, and I am sure God thinks you Should of prayed.

This past week has been an emotional one for me.   To begin with we Celebrated a Day that we were told would never happen when Zack was the age of 4.  He Turned 16.  Imagine living every day knowing that your days are numbered.    WOW. Technically we do.. Every day is labeled as a numbered day today in my life was day number 14769  WOW.  now is that not a different perspective?  to think that I have lived almost 15000 days.   So I thought about it.  Jesus walked the earth for 33 years approximately ( mind you the calendar was a bit different.  But his number is 12,045 days.   So now that we think about it what is your number?   Do you know when life is done and what your number will be?  

What I find amazing is that each day is yet again another day.  Its a day to be a day of celebration, of Sadness, of happiness, of worry, of peace.  Just think What would you do if tomorrow was your last day.  About 4 to 7 years ago I heard this song.  Live like you were dying.  Do you live like you are dying.  I do.  I do because I want to make sure everyone I meet is going to be there with me on the other side of the Gate in Heaven and we are getting ready to Party.

As I said this past week has been a week of emotions.  I am still waiting a date for Surgery,  and I am ready I hope to face it.   I am waiting on results from a friend of mines son Austin, he has a bone infection in his leg that keeps growing and growing and won't stop and now they are back again to try to get to the top of it.  I am so excited that my son is still here to celebrate another day of life and I am thrilled that tomorrow my husband and I celebrate another day together.  

Prayers do come and are answered.  And I firmly believe that those who pray together stay together.  and we are a testimony to that.. So continue to Pray continue to ask for the Could of, Should of, and Would Of's and keep going.  God is with each of you and regardless he is standing strong for each of you..

October 17, 2011


Do you ever wonder what Jesus's Birthday was like?  how bout Mary's or Martha's or Ruth's or Noah's?  Ever wonder what it is like to be told you'll never celebrate that birthday by doctors?  

Well we are....  in 3 hours My baby is 16 we were told it would never happen,  He would never make it the disease he has would make it to where we would never see the day.. heck at the age of 4 we were told less than 48 hours,  before that at 7 weeks old with RSV and in the PICU at Travis AFB Hospital we were told .. He might not make it thru the night.   And before that with the Pregnancy we were told that their is a chance he may not make it .   So here I sit 16 years later looking at a little boy who became a Teenager to a young adult and he did it..  

I hope that Z has a great 16th birthday and that we keep defying the odds and living strong.  Next milestone.  Driving.  I am no where near ready for this.  

With Love Christy

October 15, 2011

Friends are important

Last night was craft night at my house I think we are going to make it a regular event and boy was it fun.   Kathy and Britany showed up and we made a few cards,  Did a really cool little book ( mini Scrapbook) and then talked it is so nice to have "GNO ( girls nights out)"

I wonder if back in the times of the bible if their were such things as GNO?  did All of the women gather and share special times of friendship, love and conversation?  I can imagine it was alot different then today, No phones to pick up and say HEY what are you doing?  NO Text messaging to find out what was happening, No facebook to interact on,  No Email messages, and their probably was not even Mail service.  Wow hard to believe people just walked over and visited for a few.  No rushing kids to Gymnastics, Soccer, Basketball or anything just time to really get to know our neighbors and friends better.  I can imagine on GNO like ours their was snacks prepared, Maybe not Buttered Popcorn, but maybe Fresh Breads, rolls and such that were shared,  Probably not Coke either it was probably a glass of wine, Water or Tea served with the breads.   I just am in awe of their relationships they had.  The times they spent together were in Good and Bad, sickness and health, death and marriage and so forth.  I can't imagine how Mary felt.  People bashed her they betrayed her and worse they Gossiped with each other about her for carrying who we all now know as our Savior.  Think about how she felt.

This last few days have been spent in alot of prayer time.  For myself on relationships and for my  friends on their health, relationships and so forth.

Its amazing to think about how life evolves.   I moved here 7 months ago and in 7 months I have made some amazing friends,   Amy who lost two of her son's to a medical condition you can read her blog over on the side by clicking the Crazy hair lady ... BTW her hair is not that crazy in real life.  "A" who has married an Egyptian who is just an amazing person who has been banished by her family for marrying a Muslim,  I just feel so bad for her right now because people should never Judge on the religion but respect the person and their choices.  Right now "A" is struggling with her relationship with her family as she has siblings who have taken it to the extreme so much as to put a wedge between her and her parents on the choices she has made.  Her Husband is an amazing caring kind man.  One that any woman would love to have to respect and he has chosen "A" .  I respect that "A" went against her thought and went to visit her father before he passes, he suffers from PTSD and other illnesses and is very weak. But she did it she went and visited her father.   Which to me says I am stronger than anyone and strong enough to be able to put aside the remarks and unkind words.  I pray that she can find the strentgth to go forward and get the resolution from herself.  The journey she is embarking in will be thrown up with lots of anger and grief but she will get thru it and survive because Our GOD is a powerful god and is carrying her right now thru this journey. Though sometimes she feels abandoned and alone he is there with her.

Todays lesson was kind of powerful ..   Its been just almost a month since I started this journey and I wanted to point out what was said in the scripture today..

Psalm 40 1-3 I waited patiently for the LORD to help me, and he turned to me and heard me cry.  He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and mire.  He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.  He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see what he has done and be astounded.  The will put their trust in the LORD.

I just sat in awe as I read this again that Our GOD is so powerful that he can do what is stated above.  So today when you are sitting here pondering the challenges that are facing you and what is happening in your life and think GOD WHY are we going thru this..  Think about it because GOD is right there with you carrying you helping you along and making you feel that you are WORTHY you are GOD's Son or Daughter and you are the one who can make a world of difference.   Prayers for you today my readers.  May God reach out and touch your heart and hand and you feel it.. you feel his  presence.  God will make it happen for you are the son's and daughters of our GOD.   and It is so cool to know that I have more brothers and sisters than any known human alive because I have all of you.

Today when you sit down and think about something think about where you can go and help the person you least think needs help.  Do kind things, smile and have fun.. Today I pray that our Youth are touched when we go to a Community Youth Event and then off to a Christian concert. I am SO STOKED about this concert.. Finally I hope to openly praise and worship and allow our children the same.. The ability to Praise and Worship our GOD.   :)

October 14, 2011


Wow God you really are laying it all out there.. cleaning out my closets so to speak brought back some memories.  I found these in it..  Parachute pants purple ones and they don't fit anymore but I remember when they did the fun times I had with Friends, Friends of past.  Friends that I honestly forgot about til I picked up the pants and held them in my hands, and for some reason I smelled them.  Weird I know but I did.   and the smell of memories flooded.  Times when I was riding along free and no worries I was 15 to 18 years old no cares in the world except what mom was cooking for dinner or better yet.  What boy I was going to like.   Oh the memories.   Then it hit me.. Does God remember what I did then?   WOW.   was I kind of dumb.  or young.   So i dug a little deeper in the closet and found this.

Fast forward to 1993-1995 when I was carrying both of my kids.  WOW the memories of that flood back the movement I felt in my womb was amazing the thought that at this point I had accepted God as my Savior, and that he had woven the threads together to create a human being my daughter and my son.  WOW.  Imagine the surprise I have gotten all of these years.   and its so amazing to watch them discover Christ as well.

Digging in deeper I pulled out this..  

Not one but 8 different bibles where God walked with me from King James to the Good News to the NIV version I have them all yearly devotional bibles, ones that pages are marked, torn and worn, ones that have bookmarks and such and I looked down and thought wow these Bibles have been with me thru good times and bad.

Then I decided to pause for a minute and wonder what else would i find buried deep with in that closet so I sat and thought then prayed God is their a message here that you are trying to tell me.  so I listened.   took the time to listen and God said to me " Child, history is written to be explored open the book and read it to find the lesson of life and what it is that I want of you"  So I sat shaking,  God has never been so clear as that moment in life and I sat there.. one of the bibles was warmer than the others I held it up to my chest and then looked at it.   just looked at it and slowly opened it to where an old bookmark had been placed and I found this scripture highlighted.. From YEARS ago ( probably 1988) and this is what it said.

Psalms 46 1
God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. So we will not be afraid, even if the earth is shaken and the mountains fall into the oceans depths;  even if the seas roar and rage, and the hills are shaken by the violence.  There is a river that brings Joy to the city of God,  to the sacred house of Most High,  God is in that city and it will never be destroyed;  at early dawn he will come to its aid .  Nations terrified, kingdoms are shaken; God thunders and the earth dissolves.
The Lord Almighty is with us;  the God of Jacob is our refuge.  Come and see what the Lord has done.  See what amazing things he has done on earth.  He stops wars all over the world.  he breaks bows, destroys spears, and sets shields on fire.  Stop fighting he says and know that I am god supreme among the nations and Supreme over the world.  

Wow.. is that powerful or what.. How long have I sat and said God what is my purpose in life.  God what is it that you want me to do?   God are you listening to me?  and poof he answered and answered strong today.   WOW.  

So I sit here in the closet * yes i am in the closet * with a tear running down my cheek I love when god is so powerful.   and I dig a little further and what did I find but this..

inside is a pink sleeper that I wore when I was a kid, that Caitlin wore when she was a baby and it will be passed down to the next generation.. amazing to think how history keeps coming back.. Family is important.  Keep them close and know that God's family is just as important.  my prayers is that you can resolve your family issues as I try to resolve mine and forgive those who have caused a war in your life.   Its hard but doable.   Prayers my friends.  

October 13, 2011

Once Upon a Family

Well I dove off the deep end, well not really those of you who know me know I love to Scrapbook, and Make cards and Craft,  in fact I have been busy this last month preparing for a show in November which I am so excited about.   making Cards, Making little journals, Making books etc.  so now its time to really think about where this is going so I dove off the deep end. :)

God has really placed on my heart things I needed to get straight in my life. No more curvy roads for me.  So I sit and think WOW. lets do this lets make it happen and poof I am there.   I was searching today because I miss working from home,  Not necessarily working from home persay but I miss working from home and bringing in some type of income to help out with the family expenses and such.   And I simply love crafting.  So I stumbled upon this website about 3 years ago. and today of all days I was sitting in my quiet time and thinking God where is it you want me to go?   What is it that you want me to do?   Why God do you keep putting up all of these Road Blocks and poof it happened he answered BIG. So I did it I dove off and started the business today.   well a week ago but I wanted to make sure its where I wanted to go before I did it. and it is.   I am so excited about this new journey and can't wait til I can share it with you.. so go check out my site at Once upon a family  and check out their products and be surprised at what you might find.

Til later When I show you want I made which by the way I can't I will leave you in suspense.. ASK god today where does he want you to walk.. what path and follow it

Enter my new business.. Once Upon a Family I am now an affiliate of the company which means I get to show and demonstrate their products and I am impressed.  I ordered a week ago some of the items and they arrived today in the mail and of course I popped open the box and went YES..  the quality the look the touch and feel are simply amazing and I am excited about it  The Keys shown here are the best part.  I love them  

and even better are the bound albums the smell is that of my grandfather's leather jacket.. rich and lovely.  

and by far the most favorite item that I found was this.. simply speechless 
I ordered this one for a Father's Day gift for my dad Next year..   I want him to remember the Dates we had over the years.   I cherish those times 

Most of all this is an easy way to capture the memories check it out and let me know your thoughts.  again I am astounded by the quality 

October 11, 2011

What Would You Do

What if you were told that the chances of living were slim?  What if you were told that in the next 2 months you would lose a loved one?  What if you were told that today is the last day on Earth?  What would you do.   

Tonight I was sitting being silly and enjoying reading some funny things and then I seen this a status from a friends daughter.. A little girl who is the same age as my daughter.  

"I'm thinking praying is the way to go. So God i think you're my friend on Facebook.. please keep jacey safe and healthy. Let her get pass this problem and any other one thrown in her path. I know we aren't the best of friends anymore but I'll be praying from now on.."  

What would you do?   

Do you stop drop and pray..  I did and it caught me completely off guard.   You see 10 years ago I moved in next door to a great family a family that I dreamed of modeling one that had it together.   One that well was just that a family and one that looked at my family and thought the same thing we were each others strength.

In January of this past year I got a text that said Sit down and hold on Cause I am going to be a Grandma.   WOW.     Now people often will sit and go that would never happen to me.  

B was scared,  she was fearful that if her mom and dad found out she was pregnant she would be out the door.   I can see this.. and I have often seen the status that people don't know they judge.   

Are you a Judge?   Do you walk past someone and look at them only to open your mouth at the first opportunity and say WOW did you just see that ?  People Judged B when she was pregnant, they judge her now as a responsible young mother.  But this little girl has been thru it all Numerous moves due to her father's career,  Countless nights when all she wanted was her dad and couldn't because he was protecting me and my family at war.  and tons of minutes where she just needed a shoulder.  

Right now she is in route to the doctors to talk to them about her Daughter a beautiful little girl named Jacey,  She is perfect in her own way be it whatever they find the fact that she is still her daughter and my friends granddaughter she is just that still Jacey.  

Right now I am on my knees praying for this little girl they suspect that she has SMA Spinal Muscular Atrophy,  There is no cure their is no way to make her better but their is prayers.   See this is how I look at things if you can't get thru it you pray thru it.  you fight your way thru it and you make it happen that you can get thru it.. So now I ask that you sit here and read this and you stop and get on your knees and Pray your way thru this.  

God will protect Jacey, he will be there for Brittany and right now I ask you Jesus to stand next to her with your hands on her shoulders and take the pain away from her.  I pray that you Jesus Cure Jacey and provide the comfort for her mom and Grandparents as they go thru this together.   God you are powerful and a healer.   I have seen the things you have done for people and I pray that today of all days you reach out and touch Jacey and make the doctors stumped and see the Miracles you can perform.  

Please Pray for Jacey...  

October 10, 2011

Life .. not a day but Life

Lets look back over the last 3 weeks I am up to Day 20 right now.. not blogged here but journaled in my life and my heart. and wow is god moving me.

This past week has been an up and down for me.  Doctor appointment that said humm I think we need to look at Surgery then the wait for them to get the paperwork back from the insurance to set it all up.

The week of difference in our lives,  deciding who is who in your life and really pursuing who God wants you to be with .  WOW. have DOORS slammed and others opened and WOW is it pretty awesome how much God is speaking to me and my heart right now.  

I mean Its like he is sitting right here next to me on the couch chatting up my ears and sometimes I often sit and ask,  GOD .. quiet I want just quiet. and he turns up the volume.

Last night I taught or assisted in Middle School youth at our church WOW.   I simply love this age.. the kids are so fresh energetic and loving and I simply love this age. People often go seriously middle school and I look at them and SAY YES middle school...  I love it.. lets look at it like this.. they are the future leaders of our world.  They are the disciples that seeds planted in them during our lessons get this GROW.. and wow.  10 years ago I started working in Middle School youth as a volunteer simply dabbled and about 7 years ago I got serious.   What does it mean for us to be Disciples?  

Disciples simply are this


WOW.. that was done in 8 seconds.. what is your definition of a Disciple?   Lets look at it.. Jesus says to us .. Go out and make disciples of others.. be the leader and teach them about me.   Examples of this that I told the kids are your actions.  We did a skit ( improv totally ) God was speaking last night and it was amazing to watch him work thru me.. simply amazing..   and in one action I walked up and was all rough..  the next example I walked up smiling excited happy and thrilled.. not once did I mention to the other person anything of Jesus but he could see him in me.. my spirit, my life and my body showed God.  Lets look at this as a challenge.  God said Go and Make Disciples.. so I challenge each of you to share that thought.  Share what it is to be a Disciple and then find friends.  Walk up to each person you meet in the next day and be a disciple.. an example of our GOD our Jeusus our Father, our Holy Spirit the one the only Jesus and try it.. make a difference it takes seconds and you never ever know that later in life that one time you touched someones heart.. you found that GOD was walking you on the path and not you walking the path alone. Let his light shine in you and go forth and have FUN.. Live in God's word and make a difference in someones life.  

October 4, 2011

Day 8 after a break

My intention when I started this was to blog each day as I went thru things,  Whew last week was a busy week, Yes I still found time to be with God,  But honestly it was rushed.  Think about it how many times have we rushed through life only to look back and think Darn'd it all, I should of stopped to smell the roses.  So I did just that last week,  Rushed,  to get a dress for homecoming for my C,  Get a White Tie for Homecoming for Z then it was rush rush rush to get things done and then after all was said and done it was time for a parade which I was not ready for,  A game which was freezing cold and wet but I was there cheering on my C during her half time and then rushing around all day Saturday just with a bit of time to stop and breathe and spend some time with my Mom who came all the way from Michigan to see her kids perform and go to Homecoming,  How nice it was to have them here.   So hard to believe how much both of my kids have grown over the years.   I hope that the values I have instilled in them will carry them thru their lives.

Day 8
Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.   Psalm 119:105 AMP 

Lets think about this for a moment a light unto my feet.  This past week God guided me allowed me to remain patient and not lose it too much,  I could feel a cold coming upon me like a weakness and I prayed it away til the last day.. Saturday when it hit me full force, Runny nose, Sniffles, Scratchy throat, Watery Eyes and I stood their in the mirror looking at myself with a miserable heart and said to myself and to GOD get me thru this today please I cannot be weak or collapse and he did.  Its kind of amazing to think about it but I got thru the day all snuffles and all and it was a success.   The kids had a great time at Homecoming,  Both were happy and fed well ( thanks to Grandma's Gumbo )  Gosh I sure miss those meals at her house.

So the Daily step was for me to find a Bible verse to help you with a situation that you are facing right now.

I found a slip of paper from my daughter's confirmation class from 3 years ago when she told us out loud that her mission in life is music and youth worship she wants to be a vocal technique teacher.  We stand behind her in this as God has given her a voice that I can only imagine at times.  And when she sings its like the angels are surrounding you and singing you Gods praises.  I know I am her mother but just imagine a pure voice singing to you.  Its so comforting.   So the verse that I chose was off of this slip of paper. Its kind of my Journey this time.

Phillipians 1:6  And I am certain that God, Who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus Returns.   

WOW .. read it again.  Think about it and ponder it in prayer,  God's work is never done,  but he is continuing to work on me. In my heart, soul and mind.  I have  alot of thoughts going thru my head this week as Thursday I am at the doctors for more tests,  to find out what is wrong.  If you can keep me in your prayers this week as the doctors try to find out what is wrong that would be amazing.. God is amazing and almighty he cures and heals the weak and strong.  From their hearts to their minds to their body's.  I pray that God Heals my Body and Heart and Mind and keeps me on the path that he has us on.

With Joy and Blessings to you and your family I pray for you all.   Each of you both unknown and known who read this.   Prayers and may God be the light that guides you down the path of life.