August 19, 2013

Moments in time

This past week has been rough emotionally, but most of all its been about Moments that happen
Flash back to 1971, a moment happened, I was born,   Seemed odd to think that over 42 years has passed since that day but Moments have happened.

Flash forward to 1978 when I was told I would be a Big Sister to a beautiful new Brother, His name John,  after my dad.  but you see he is pretty special a gift because my mom never birthed him per say but he picked us out in an orphanage on a cold winter day and came to live with us.  

Flash forward to 1986, Moved to Louisiana, it was to be our final home in my parents life.   Felt weird we had lived in different countries, I had traveled all over the world and Pineville Louisiana would be our home.   Weird.  

Flash forward to 1989,  Poof I am graduating in 2 days its May 20th, on a whim I was invited to my girlfriend Carries house to celebrate her  graduating High school, and introduced to the Man of my dreams ( Klark Kerley)  seems so surreal that day I wrote I was going to Marry him in a journal from back in the day

Flash forward to 1994,  March to be exact We are going to be parents for the first time,   Caitiln was born, and her journey began as a little 6lb 6 oz girl,  perfect in every way,  Then we started traveling at the age of 4 months she started her first moment she became a Valley girl in California,  Traveled to Nevada to live in the city of Lights ( Las Vegas,)  then poof on to Singapore she learned Chinese,  saw cultures and adventures in her life that were above amazing,  Headed to Virginia where friendships were made that last a life time,  then on to Michigan and then to Ohio,  This past May she graduated, A moment.

Flash forward to 1995,  October to be exact a date was made to become a parent to a  bouncing baby boy we were in California  Yuba City as a fact and life was good.   2 kids under 2,  and then it happened, a moment we found out that we were Moving yet again ,  A moment.

Flash forward to 2006  Our travels have brought us full circle we are getting ready to retire,  we are heading to Michigan to catch up with my family and build a life.  a moment

Flash forward to 2008,  Life is going great in fact it seemed too good. a moment.   We get a callf rom a friend Andrew he has leukemia,  he is dying and just wanted to catch up.   We were stationed with him in Washington,  A moment a chance encounter, a placement of God in our lives for a moment. we were inseparable,  late night runs to Denny's for Dairy Queen, Sharing Cable thru windows in our apartments and living a good life as couples.   We get a notice in 2009, he has passed due to complications he had just been transplanted with Marrow was on the healing, and a cold knocked him down.  

Flash forward to 2011,  a late night phone call from a friend,  Marianne, it was 4 am ,   the phone rang,  on the other end a friend from Washington letting us know that Her husband of over 20 years had passed, a moment.

Flash forward to this past month,   A Facebook Message,  Christy My brother committed Suicide,   Christy,  My Husband Cheated on me,  Christy I need you,  A late night call form my husband who reads a message on facebook from a friend that his friend, one he had not spoken too in years passed,   Chris Was his name

A Moment.

The point of this is to remember the moments good and Bad,   you see one moment i did not mention was the fact that lately God has been Blessing us in ways we never understand til later.  Moments of time that passed with out incident, a chance encounter with a stranger that in turn makes your world Shatter, when you see the news that they have passed, went on to be with our lord, separated from the earth.  It seems surreal that none of us know the moment in time when our "earthly body " will expire,  SO I ASK THIS.

Do you live for the Moments in life or are you living in Moments?  

Does each day you awaken seem like another dreadful day or do you take charge, wipe the slate clean and start over.   Each day is a Moment, Each Hour is a Moment.

This past month I opened a store in town a small town of Hillsboro, Ohio, I am not from here not even close to being from anywhere but its where our roots are starting to grow.  The Moments that have happened since opening this store seem overpowering at some times.  Simply put Today I made a difference in some ones life. tomorrow who knows. what will come and if tonight is the last night that I get to make a Moment on this earth I want to make sure that I leave a mark.  ( not to say I was here) but to say Pass it forward, Live for your moments in life and make them the best.)

So I challenge you my readers today and tomorrow to record your moment. Simply comment on what that Moment in your life was today.

Did you Take a walk with a stranger,  Did you smile and say hi to a stranger, did you call up some one you love, know or just ask them if they were okay.   Did you stop to say Your sorry for their pain?  

Know this each person who walks thru the doors,  passes me on the street,  shows up in my "newsfeed"  and stumbles in by accident was not an accident but a moment.   Stand up and recognize those moments and be strong for who you are and believe in your self. for you are amazing, Stunning, beautiful, and breathtaking and each moment you breathe in a breath of air remember to make the most of it

This post was dedicated to those near and dear friends who are waiting on the other side for us.   Praying now for thier families as the pain never goes away it never heals it just becomes more tolerable.  And to my Grandma who sits waiting for me with her arms open.  My moments are not quite done yet.   Keep the arms open and watching over me and know you are in every moment of my life ... Love you Grams....  Christy