December 29, 2012

The New Norm coming soon

The end of a new norm/  

It was once asked why I stopped blogging and to be honest I don't know what made me stop. 

A few things have happened to our family since our last visit together.  

a licensed driver,  a full time student in school rather than home,  a new business venture that retired to a reopening of a old business and a new puppy and kitten in our house.   in other words my life went on outside of the blog world but inside of here it stopped it was like I dropped off the face of the earth.   

So here we are December 29th 2012,   Yesterday I celebrated 22 years of marriage with my husband the day was like any other Friday he worked, I created and we together went to lunch at a local shop here which was wonderful,  Caught up with friends and realize that life is too fast and its time to slow it down.   But how to do you stop time?  how do you slow it down?  how do you make it to where time for one instance stands still?  

I often wonder when I think back to the ages of the people that were in the Bible,   I mean I think about  how "old they were" I mean really 700+ years was recorded on some of them in the word.  and I think WOW.  Imagine living 700 + years.   Some times it feels as if we have watched this happen in our lives.  Days when we wake up and think wow how much time passed since I was last awake,  what news event has happened in our lives?  what has not happened in our lives,  what was not recorded in our lives.    So with that I pledge to do this for my readers.   

Project 360 every day I will post a scripture that I find amazing starting in Genesis and working my way thru the books of the bible.   As well you can also check out my other blog  and see the items that I create daily.  From Cards to wreaths to other fun crafty items created with paper and ribbons.   Enjoy the day and see you in Two days.   

So excited to share my life thru the word with you my readers.