December 29, 2012

The New Norm coming soon

The end of a new norm/  

It was once asked why I stopped blogging and to be honest I don't know what made me stop. 

A few things have happened to our family since our last visit together.  

a licensed driver,  a full time student in school rather than home,  a new business venture that retired to a reopening of a old business and a new puppy and kitten in our house.   in other words my life went on outside of the blog world but inside of here it stopped it was like I dropped off the face of the earth.   

So here we are December 29th 2012,   Yesterday I celebrated 22 years of marriage with my husband the day was like any other Friday he worked, I created and we together went to lunch at a local shop here which was wonderful,  Caught up with friends and realize that life is too fast and its time to slow it down.   But how to do you stop time?  how do you slow it down?  how do you make it to where time for one instance stands still?  

I often wonder when I think back to the ages of the people that were in the Bible,   I mean I think about  how "old they were" I mean really 700+ years was recorded on some of them in the word.  and I think WOW.  Imagine living 700 + years.   Some times it feels as if we have watched this happen in our lives.  Days when we wake up and think wow how much time passed since I was last awake,  what news event has happened in our lives?  what has not happened in our lives,  what was not recorded in our lives.    So with that I pledge to do this for my readers.   

Project 360 every day I will post a scripture that I find amazing starting in Genesis and working my way thru the books of the bible.   As well you can also check out my other blog  and see the items that I create daily.  From Cards to wreaths to other fun crafty items created with paper and ribbons.   Enjoy the day and see you in Two days.   

So excited to share my life thru the word with you my readers.    

May 4, 2012

Happy Baby Mother's day

Good morning .... 

So sorry I missed yesterday but its okay,   Today I will be giving away 2 Random cards to 2 lucky people.  

But before I do that I have to share with you these adorable toes..   

Nothing says love like Baby toes.  The idea came that I could make Hearts out of feet from babies for a cute Mother's day card.  Then it hit me .. lets try it out ... 

So I had a brave little Baby Little Payten,  She is 3 1/2 months old come over.   Should of video taped her face I put her toes on that cold ink :)   

Her Grandma will be the reciepient of this card.    Just a perfect Mother's Day card for that special some one in your life.   

I hope you enjoy this.. its so adorable.   

Don't forget 2 cards today I won't be back to check on things til Saturday Night but I hope to see you soon.    Christy ....

May 2, 2012

Thanks FORE my CRIB

31 Days of Card Giveaways

Can you believe its 
May 2nd?  
Only 12 more days til I hit the 21st anniversary of my 20th Birthday :)  

Wholly cow.  

Well its been a whirlwind of a year and this is Lady Bugs on Walnuts 1st year of business. 
 I am happy to report that indeed its time to grow the business 
and make it what it needs to be that of a great rewarding cards and paper creations, 
and time to grow, grow, and grow.   

So with out further ado I would love to offer you this. 
a DAY 
for the Month 
of MAY. 

  My readers and Followers,  
 Simply take a moment to do two things 
 Days of Card Giveaways 
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then you can win this beautiful card. 

On a lighter Note, 

I was asked over the past week to make up a Thank you Card for a special Dad.  

This dad took time out of his busy life to make a Crib for his Granddaughter.  

The Crib is Beautiful. 

The Mom asked me to make a card and said to me 

He Loves Golf and he made a crib.  

So I sat and pondered for a week to think of what I could make that would be special and this is what I made.  

Enjoy and don't forget to win the Missing you card today as well

Oh yeah and the winner of the card Yesterday is  Heather.    

Pretty card! Been following your blog for a bit and now liked your fb page too! :)

Heather Please message me at  so I can send this out to you.  

Don't forget to comment below to win this card today . 

May 1, 2012

Time Flies when your having fun

31 Days of Card Giveaways

Can you believe its 
May 1st?  May Day,  the first day of MAY .   
Wholly cow.  

Well its been a whirlwind of a year and this is Lady Bugs on Walnuts 1st year of business. 
 I am happy to report that indeed its time to grow the business 
and make it what it needs to be that of a great rewarding cards and paper creations, 
and time to grow, grow, and grow.   

So with out further ado I would love to offer you this. 
a DAY 
for the Month 
of MAY. 

  My readers and Followers,  
 Simply take a moment to do two things 
 Days of Card Giveaways 
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Once you are done make sure to comment below and leave me a way to contact you so you can know if you have won.  

Enjoy and if you are a fan of my Facebook page already thanks so much .    Enjoy your day
Oh yeah, the winner will be announced tomorrow 
about this same time with another card giveaway.   Enjoy 


April 27, 2012

Cards, cards and more cards

 Nothing is better than getting a great card in the mail from a friend,   and it is so cool to open your box and find a little note to you.  SO with that in mind over the last week I have been making cards .. Tons of them I won't share them all with you but you can find them here    And if your not yet a fat of Lady Bugs On Walnut you should ... you can find me on facebook here   or on here on Etsy  Note most cards are on Facebook more so then on Etsy but its starting.

So with that being said I wanted to share with you a few cards that struck me as beyond fun and great.  

This card features a jean pocket, bandana and ribbon on a grass canvas print cardstock.  Chipboard flowers and a rubon of the word Friends.    I love this because inside I would write this scripture.  Because I just think God offers me friends that are just that Friends who get that sometimes you need them in your back pocket.   

John 15:12-15 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you. No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you.

This would make a great thought card for me for maybe some one who has lost a love one recently,  not feeling well, depressed. or just needs to hear a nice thought. 

Son 6:2 My beloved is gone down into his garden, to the beds of spices, to feed in the gardens, and to gather lilies.

Just because every once in a while we need to send a note to say HI to some one we have not talked to in a while.   

Nothing like hanging out on a branch to say Hi.   Send this card to a loved one and enjoy a few moments of peace ..... My other thougth is ... Your talking my ear off and I love it.. either way I love the birds on here 

This would be great for that teenager or that pre teen girl who just needs a pick me up and a way to say that they are "cool" and coming from some one who does not speak TXTng language,  this would rock.  

SImple Hello card with Houndstooth Plaid, stitching and a great embellishment great way to say I am thinking about you..... 

and this card I love.. no need to put it away after a while because its just bright cheery and CUTE.   love this little gem.  

Enjoy your day and may God fill you with blessings that overflow this week and the weeks coming.  

He is SO good.  


April 26, 2012

More Corsages

Just a quick post to share with you some more corsages that I whipped up this week.   Each corsage is a custom order for Prom here locally and I am so excited to see my work on these kids arms and chest's  I hope you enjoy these and have a great week.   Thanks so much for everything and have a wonderful weekend.  

I am sure prom photos are soon to come as well.. :)

all of these were made with McGill Punches.   Just in Love 

April 25, 2012

Kicking it off..... Birthday Month

Its happening in Just a few days.  the official Birthday Bash party 30 days of 30 cards with 30 meanings.   To kick it off its time to share with you a cute card I made for a great man.

You see Dr Clark is 50 this year.. that is right the big 5... 0.....  and we wanted to make sure we rang it in with a bang.  

Dr Clark,  teaches Middle school Sunday School and I mentor his daughter at our church simply love her.   So this past weekend we had Girls Night at Church... it was a night of M's..

Movies, Munchies, Musicals, Music, and of course in bed at Midnight.. we made it all.   The movies Muppets, and Momma Mia.  Thinking the next letter will be a "S".  

So while we were discussing what we were going to do to her dad Since you only turn 50 once we decided to write up a cute note for him in the morning and then present him with a great card.  

The Card is the Stepper style with a twist.   He really enjoys golf.

Enjoy the card

Paper is from October Moon,  5 and Dime collection with a green background ( his favorite color)

Enjoy your week and watch for the Birthday special.   Each day in May its a free card that is featured to the random followers on the blog .. to win .. you have to like ,  or become a follower on the blog,  as well as Leave a comment simple to win and every day you win a card.  :)   Enjoy..

April 23, 2012

Its time for Prom.

Wow,   Been years since I discussed prom and now I have both of my children going of course I look back at my highschool and I did not go to prom.  Not because I did not want to, but because I worked a full time job and money was so much more important.   In fact the first formal I went to was in Singapore with my husband to the Navy Ball.  What a great night that was.  Dressed up, hair up and make up on and Flowers.

My daughter is going to prom in a beautiful dress with lots of sparkle and my son is going in a white tux.   Where has the time gone.   Yesterday they were just 3 and 4 and playing together and having fun now they are heading to Prom.   All the sudden the thought of them being gone from the house is becoming more of a reality and its scary to think that our babies are growing up.

Today I sat while doing my daily bible study and thought about my highschool years.   I was a "geeky" girl with glasses, braces, and funky hair I had skin problems ( like all teenagers) and I did not wear the best of clothes but yet I had the coolest car ( 1979 Plymouth horizon) okay it was not the coolest but it was mine and that little car got me everywhere I needed to go with out any qualms.  No air, no powersteering and no power window's but I had shag carpet a stereo and I in my own mind was COOL.  

I look at my kids who both don't drive yet mainly because of cost .   When we were kids cars were cheap, gas was cheap and insurace was cheaper.   Now Cars are pricey, Insurance is thru the roof and gas yeah I will leave that one alone.

I wonder if in the days when Jesus walked the earth if parents thought of the things we think of.   Will our kids make it  home okay,  Will they be successful in life.  Will they make the right choices?  I am sure that each parent when they were sitting there looking at their children were wishing the best for them.  I too am wishing for this for my children the best that they can be regardless of what they decide to do.. I hope that I have molded them to be adults in todays world to be successful and honest and trusting and most of all serving.

Enjoy this moment today and enjoy this corsage I made up for my son's date to prom Allie. I know they will be beautiful together and I know this will just be a subtle reminder of a GREAT night at Prom.  Much love.   Christy

April 20, 2012

EXCITING news.......

Wow what a great week and month is has been God is truly moving in ways I could never have imagined.

Sit back for a few and enjoy a moment of just some awesome Praise Reports.

1.   Today I helped raise funds for Anna's Army by having cards available for sale,  it was amazing to watch, see and hear the people support Anna's Army.  Not sure what Anna's Army is. Check them out at   Simply in awe of their goal to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.    I am awe of their drive, tenacity and love of this little girl.

Here is a photo from today's festivities from a friend of mine Todd Kessinger.  Check out his work here.

Next I wanted to share what this little girl has done in my life.

Jesus made choices when he was choosing who to heal and who to not heal.  I believe that even though he chooses to take our loved ones from us I believe that he does so, so we can heal ourselves.   I watched 2 parents who lost their daughter to an awful disease who could of been bitter and upset praise God for the blessing they gave them of having their daughter with them for a short time.  Life makes you realize how precious each day is.  

I choose to live each day the way God directs me.  Meaning that I make decisions that affect not only myself but those around me.   The thought of being here right now in Hillsboro is weird.    1.  I never chose to live here.  I believe God directed me here for a reason.   2.   God surely has a goal in my life to smack me down to the ground and then pick me back up again in his hand and say are you going to let me drive?    3.   God has a motivation to make change.   4.  God has the ability to make you make the choices you make.  Do you let him lead you or do you take control of the wheel and let things happen or do you openly pray for GOD to take control of you and see what he has planned for you.  

This past week has been a week of reflection.   Meeting with the worship committee about our Church Service to see how we are doing.   It was an awakening.  Am I doing enough to reach out to friends in my life to share what an awesome experience Church is in my life.  Am I reaching thru the barbed wire fence to get scratched and told NO only to find that that one reach might be reaching someone who needs to hear what He has done in my life?   I am trying and letting him lead... its kind of amazing how .... In just a few days I will have been in Hillsboro Ohio for 1 year . and some days it feels like I just moved here .. but most days it feels like I have lived here my whole life.   KIND of cool how he is doing this in my life.

So I sit here tonight after an amazing day watching an ENTIRE town come out to walk for a child who passed 3 years ago from Cystic Fibrosis and stand strong.   To stand there and think that we should be celebrating her 13th birthday instead we are celebrating her life here on earth.    So tonight as you sit here are read this and think what can I do...   Do three things...

1.   Find your kids wherever they are .... TELL THEM you LOVE them uncoditionally with no regrets.  
2.   FIND your Spouse or Signifigant other... and thank them for listening to God and finding you when there were so many other fish in the sea.
3.   FIND your spirit... Find that moment when you hear GOD speaking to you and instead of listening to him for a moment.. stop him in mid sentence and THANK him for all of your blessings in your life.  EVERYTHING and thank him for blessing you .

Many Blessings and praises...

Now on a lighter note...  GUESS what I did today :)   as well as work Anna's Army for Cystic Fibrosis.   I  opened up an Etsy Shop to sell my cards and wares..... :)

Check it out here.

and check out this cool card I made today for Graduation.....

Have an awesome weekend and an awesome week... See you in a few days with some more awesome news and praise reports..

April 13, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Of course if your a friend of mine of Facebook you know time escapes you.  One day your sitting there and its December 7th and then you turn around and its April 13th.  Wholly cow... I often sit and wonder when Jesus was on earth did his time fly like ours seems to do?  

Looking over the last 4 months lots of excitement happened I had 2 surgeries and I am happy to report I am almost healed.   I attended an awesome Christmas concert by my daughter's choir at Hillsboro High School.  and I watched pain happen in our marriage like none other.   Still healing from this

I guess today I am going to talk about what is on my mind.   and that simply put is trust.  

When growing up I trusted my parents with all of my heart.  Took their hand with out a doubt and followed them because I knew they would keep me safe.  Then as I grew up I let go of the hand.. Still keeping it close but walking along a road taking my own paths.  Growing and falling and being caught and picked back up... However this time being picked up was by my father.  

Looking back over the last few months I fell hard.   I had a person who told me in a conversation that I was Jealous of her relationship with my husband.   Jealous that she worked with him, could spend time with him that I did not get to do.   Pain hit hard.   That pain that rips your heart out of your chest and you see it beating but yet you feel nothing but numb.  

I sat down and cried.  The thought that some one would want to go into your marriage and tear it apart hurts.   I sat and thought about a few sermon's I had heard about Adultery.   the pain that it causes even if NOTHING happened sexually the words that were spoke were painful.   The fact that someone wants to Lust after your spouse hurts.   Sure its nice to think that he still has it .. but he is mine.   So I sat for a few days and brewed and the more I brewed the more it hurt.. Then after brewing I got the message from her who i considered a friend .... It appears you forgot about me.........   my response summarized is I wish I could forget what you said.. I have not .. I wish I could forget that you are and did go after my husband with words I wish you understood that I am hurt and I wish you would just stop and leave me alone.  

But she persisted with repeat calls then started messaging my husband at work about what I did... I did nothing other than be his wife.  I did nothing but stand beside him during this and I did nothing but make him happy.

So today I sit here on Friday the 13th regaining the trust.. I am so thankful that I have the trust in my husband,  the trust in my children and the trust in my family.  I am thankful for true friends who understand who we are who were there when everything happened and continue to be there for us and support us in our decisions to dissolve this relationship.   I am thankful for people who understand that when a man is married or a woman is married they are off limits and I am thankful for the fact that our father allows forgiveness.  

So today as I sit here I think about a card i just made for a friend of mine's neighbor who was recently diagnosed with Cancer for the 2nd time.  I am so thankful for her support of her neighbor and the saying of this simply says never give up....

So I will never give up.. I will never give in and I will never give away the love that I have for my husband, father and family.   So thankful for each of them..

So thankful for each of you my readers and enjoy .....

BTW I am back.. and so thankful for blogging and the relief that it offers.  

This card was made with Tim Holtz Paper , and the stamp is from Unity Stamp Company Stamp of the month.. What an appropriate stamp for this paper.   NEVER give up....  God has this and put it in his hands.