October 20, 2011

Does Prayer really work

Ever Wonder if Prayer really works? I have heard well it would of happened regardless if you prayed or not.  I tend to think NOT.   It would of been the same outcome if it had happened, I tend to think NOT.   Could of , Would of , Should of.. its all the same.. It would not of happened if you Could of prayed, and I am sure God thinks you Should of prayed.

This past week has been an emotional one for me.   To begin with we Celebrated a Day that we were told would never happen when Zack was the age of 4.  He Turned 16.  Imagine living every day knowing that your days are numbered.    WOW. Technically we do.. Every day is labeled as a numbered day today in my life was day number 14769  WOW.  now is that not a different perspective?  to think that I have lived almost 15000 days.   So I thought about it.  Jesus walked the earth for 33 years approximately ( mind you the calendar was a bit different.  But his number is 12,045 days.   So now that we think about it what is your number?   Do you know when life is done and what your number will be?  

What I find amazing is that each day is yet again another day.  Its a day to be a day of celebration, of Sadness, of happiness, of worry, of peace.  Just think What would you do if tomorrow was your last day.  About 4 to 7 years ago I heard this song.  Live like you were dying.  Do you live like you are dying.  I do.  I do because I want to make sure everyone I meet is going to be there with me on the other side of the Gate in Heaven and we are getting ready to Party.

As I said this past week has been a week of emotions.  I am still waiting a date for Surgery,  and I am ready I hope to face it.   I am waiting on results from a friend of mines son Austin, he has a bone infection in his leg that keeps growing and growing and won't stop and now they are back again to try to get to the top of it.  I am so excited that my son is still here to celebrate another day of life and I am thrilled that tomorrow my husband and I celebrate another day together.  

Prayers do come and are answered.  And I firmly believe that those who pray together stay together.  and we are a testimony to that.. So continue to Pray continue to ask for the Could of, Should of, and Would Of's and keep going.  God is with each of you and regardless he is standing strong for each of you..

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