October 23, 2011

What was that you said again.. CANCER

Yay I said it that word.. the one no one wants to ever hear,  Then you sit down and again once again you start browsing those facebook posts and poof a name pops up Terri Juneau,  

Yeah we all have those teachers,  the ones that you remember.  How many do you know that later you wonder how is she doing, I wonder whatever happened to her?   well about 4 months ago on that great social network Facebook, There is a group that was formed that said

You know your from pineville if..........

and poof her name popped up.  getting caught skipping class,  Getting caught doing something you were not suppose to,  Taking Spanish to avoid the Class in French.   But you know what is odd that even though I never took a class from her she knew me.  She reached out to me and she had it down.  She was one of those teachers that looking back had the ability to pick out the not so perfect kids and get them straight.  She cared.  

So this brings me to where we are right now.  Mrs Juneau was recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.. SO NOT COOL.  and yes I said the word again.   Find out about her Journey here

And no one ever deserves to get sick, much less get CANCER.  Why is it that this word is out there?   I kind of think its like this


Think about it..

Cancer is just that it brings people back to where they are suppose to be.  Ever wonder if Cancer was brought about for just that.  I have noticed over the years when some one gets diagnosed with Cancer,  they begin to live.   Why is that the way it works?   Why is it that it takes a disease that could take your life that all the sudden its about getting back to life?   Getting back to what is important?  

Maybe the Cancer is what causes this to happen?   Maybe its something that no one can explain but I have seen it over and over again.. Cancer brings people back to God, it brings people back to life but yet it takes life.   When people battle cancer they become so close to God its amazing.  I just wonder if its all God's Plan.

I just read this article about my old French Teacher in High school that was never my teacher but yet one that reached out. And what is sweet is that I know more french than I do Spanish, Mainly because I sat in the back of Mrs Davis's class in 10th grade and rather than here English I heard Mrs Juneau speaking French to all of her students and I paid attention.  Pretty amazing to think that I get it now.. God had a plan.

So Mrs Juneau this is for you.

Prayer's and Blessings for your family and for you to beat this.. God is on your side ... and in French

Mme Juneau, kick butt et le cancer de gagner cette course. Nous prions pour vous

Prayers and blessings with love.. 


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