October 11, 2011

What Would You Do

What if you were told that the chances of living were slim?  What if you were told that in the next 2 months you would lose a loved one?  What if you were told that today is the last day on Earth?  What would you do.   

Tonight I was sitting being silly and enjoying reading some funny things and then I seen this a status from a friends daughter.. A little girl who is the same age as my daughter.  

"I'm thinking praying is the way to go. So God i think you're my friend on Facebook.. please keep jacey safe and healthy. Let her get pass this problem and any other one thrown in her path. I know we aren't the best of friends anymore but I'll be praying from now on.."  

What would you do?   

Do you stop drop and pray..  I did and it caught me completely off guard.   You see 10 years ago I moved in next door to a great family a family that I dreamed of modeling one that had it together.   One that well was just that a family and one that looked at my family and thought the same thing we were each others strength.

In January of this past year I got a text that said Sit down and hold on Cause I am going to be a Grandma.   WOW.     Now people often will sit and go that would never happen to me.  

B was scared,  she was fearful that if her mom and dad found out she was pregnant she would be out the door.   I can see this.. and I have often seen the status that people don't know they judge.   

Are you a Judge?   Do you walk past someone and look at them only to open your mouth at the first opportunity and say WOW did you just see that ?  People Judged B when she was pregnant, they judge her now as a responsible young mother.  But this little girl has been thru it all Numerous moves due to her father's career,  Countless nights when all she wanted was her dad and couldn't because he was protecting me and my family at war.  and tons of minutes where she just needed a shoulder.  

Right now she is in route to the doctors to talk to them about her Daughter a beautiful little girl named Jacey,  She is perfect in her own way be it whatever they find the fact that she is still her daughter and my friends granddaughter she is just that still Jacey.  

Right now I am on my knees praying for this little girl they suspect that she has SMA Spinal Muscular Atrophy,  There is no cure their is no way to make her better but their is prayers.   See this is how I look at things if you can't get thru it you pray thru it.  you fight your way thru it and you make it happen that you can get thru it.. So now I ask that you sit here and read this and you stop and get on your knees and Pray your way thru this.  

God will protect Jacey, he will be there for Brittany and right now I ask you Jesus to stand next to her with your hands on her shoulders and take the pain away from her.  I pray that you Jesus Cure Jacey and provide the comfort for her mom and Grandparents as they go thru this together.   God you are powerful and a healer.   I have seen the things you have done for people and I pray that today of all days you reach out and touch Jacey and make the doctors stumped and see the Miracles you can perform.  

Please Pray for Jacey...  

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