December 6, 2011

Praising our Father

First of all I apoligize about the goal to do 25 days of Christmas Crafts the intentions were there but the health well that was another story.

Recenly I had been having tons of Woman problems, so much that it was periods for months on ends, heavy bleeding and spotting through out the month.    I visted my doctor here and they did an appointment for a biopsy in his office with out anesthesia and I was estatic til well it was over OUCH ... but I survivied.  He called me back to let me know that they found nothing really other than lots of fibourous tissue and that he recommended an abaltion to stop the heavy periods if not the entire cycle,  For me I was ready for this I personally am so tired of being so drained for so long and I need my energy to be at top performance.  

Lets back up a few years so that everyone know where I am coming from .  In March of 07, I had a breast biopsy done to remove a mass,   during the procedure I moaned and the anestheia gave me a shot of Prophoyl,   which then caused me to have seizures ( I am deathly allergic to NSAIDS and Asprin so much that well its bad) .  I was scared about this time so the Anestheialogist gave me a Saddle back ( spinal) and some versad to calm me down.   Needless to say I don't remember much but I do know that I woke up with out seizures.

The Pain from this Ablation is like the worst cramps ever times 10 all at once.  Where typically you get cramps and they come and go this was all cramps all at the same time for about 12 to 18 hours.. I am going on 24 hours now and I still have a few cramps coming and going.   but so thankful for the rest I got last night.  

So we are home and it feels weird to not be admitted for a few days but we are home.  Dinner last night was brought over from a very dear friend Barb and Jim, and it was delicious and so nice to have to snack on sporadically thru the night.  ( since I really can't eat too much.  

I hope and pray I will be able to share with you soon some crafts but for today and tomorrow I plan on sitting around the house and relaxing and thanking God for getting me thru this and to be here today.   It is such a relief.  

Love to all


December 1, 2011

A-muse studio Creative Consultant Blog Hop

Welcome to the Amuse Studio Card Blog Hop,

you should of just stopped in from  Angie's   so make sure to swing back over to her blog if you have not visited it yet.

I am Christy new to Amuse studio and just over the moon excited about the quality of the stamps.  I have been a consultant for a few other stamping companies but I had heard nothing but awesome things about the Stamp quality of the inks which brought me to where I am .. But with out further ado....

Here are a few samples of Cards that I made.

I did not stick to the traditional Christmas cards,  ( mainly because I just became a consultant for Amuse but I hope you enjoy the 2 traditonal cards that I whipped up.)

The first one is for a baby shower this weekend for a very near and dear friend who is expecting her first little angel.  Reagan.  I am so excited for both Holly and Jarrod.

The card ingredients are the following 
Sleepy Sighs ( Stamp Set) $17.99 
Shell Card Stock ($7.50) 
Vanilla Pearl Stickers ( $3.75)
Meadow Mix Flowers ( $6.95)
Bubble Gum ink for sentiment ($5.95)
Copic Markers (rv14,bg10,y19)$6.00

Card 2 is for a friend who just lost a son, Though no words can ever replace the feelings I have right now in my heart I feel its important that she knows that he was as important to me as he was to her.  He will be missed.

This card is a Stamped Image only card

Stamps used are:  
Beautiful Botanical's ( the dandylion flowers on bottom) $17.99
Loving Memories $9.99 ( sentiment) 
Just Because ( Butterfly) $12.99
Paper Winter Sky $7.50
Inks Ocean and Sky $5.95

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With God's love 


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