October 10, 2011

Life .. not a day but Life

Lets look back over the last 3 weeks I am up to Day 20 right now.. not blogged here but journaled in my life and my heart. and wow is god moving me.

This past week has been an up and down for me.  Doctor appointment that said humm I think we need to look at Surgery then the wait for them to get the paperwork back from the insurance to set it all up.

The week of difference in our lives,  deciding who is who in your life and really pursuing who God wants you to be with .  WOW. have DOORS slammed and others opened and WOW is it pretty awesome how much God is speaking to me and my heart right now.  

I mean Its like he is sitting right here next to me on the couch chatting up my ears and sometimes I often sit and ask,  GOD .. quiet I want just quiet. and he turns up the volume.

Last night I taught or assisted in Middle School youth at our church WOW.   I simply love this age.. the kids are so fresh energetic and loving and I simply love this age. People often go seriously middle school and I look at them and SAY YES middle school...  I love it.. lets look at it like this.. they are the future leaders of our world.  They are the disciples that seeds planted in them during our lessons get this GROW.. and wow.  10 years ago I started working in Middle School youth as a volunteer simply dabbled and about 7 years ago I got serious.   What does it mean for us to be Disciples?  

Disciples simply are this


WOW.. that was done in 8 seconds.. what is your definition of a Disciple?   Lets look at it.. Jesus says to us .. Go out and make disciples of others.. be the leader and teach them about me.   Examples of this that I told the kids are your actions.  We did a skit ( improv totally ) God was speaking last night and it was amazing to watch him work thru me.. simply amazing..   and in one action I walked up and was all rough..  the next example I walked up smiling excited happy and thrilled.. not once did I mention to the other person anything of Jesus but he could see him in me.. my spirit, my life and my body showed God.  Lets look at this as a challenge.  God said Go and Make Disciples.. so I challenge each of you to share that thought.  Share what it is to be a Disciple and then find friends.  Walk up to each person you meet in the next day and be a disciple.. an example of our GOD our Jeusus our Father, our Holy Spirit the one the only Jesus and try it.. make a difference it takes seconds and you never ever know that later in life that one time you touched someones heart.. you found that GOD was walking you on the path and not you walking the path alone. Let his light shine in you and go forth and have FUN.. Live in God's word and make a difference in someones life.  

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