October 24, 2011

Urgent Prayer request

About two weeks ago I wrote about a little girl named Brittany what I need right now is prayers for this Angel ... Pray hard and pray steady and Pray fast for Jacey and her mom and her Grandparents and family and friends.

This is so hard to comprehend much less understand but right now there is a serious need for prayers for a little girl.

Jacey was born in March of this past year healthy or so we thought,  She is now 8 months old and is fighting for her life..  God is a giver of miracles if we ask and we are asking right now that you fight for her.  

Put on your armor and fight for our Jacey.  Fight hard.   Prayers for her and for you Brittany...

Prayers are being said...

SMA is a horrid disease you can find out more about it here.  Please Pray for her.. and pray for Brittany.  

Prayers my sweet angel.. Prayers..

Love always


God,  its me again, no not margaret but Christy and I need you more than ever to reach over and touch Jacey's heart and Brittany's heart,  I need you to heal her I ask this of you to heal her and relieve her of any pain and give her the life she deserves... God I knwo that you pick special people to be your angels but I am asking you right now to bypass Jacey, heal her and allow her to do your work on earth by spreading the Joy that you provided in a miracle.  God you are the healer of all, the father of all, and the creator of all.  and right now I ask that you heal Jacey.  Prayers get answered every day and I ask you to please just answer this one.  Prayers.. Christy

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