Creative Cafe Design's

This was a difficult task for me because I hate talking about me.   

I am a mom to 2 beautiful kids.  Caitlin who is 17 and loves to sing perform drama's, and Zack who is 16 and loves Baseball and simply put movement of all types ( he is the typical boy) .   
I am a wife to an awesome Man named Klark, He served our country in the Air Force for 20 years and retired.  He currently works 3rd shift so I am now known around town as a 3rd shift wife :)  

I have 2 dogs,  Abby who is 9 years old and a Red American Golden Retriever ( or a common Golden)  She is typical of all goldens and insists on being the Center of attention.  Nanook is 14 years old and an Old English Golden.   Both of our goldens were rescues that we got by luck both are wonderful dogs and the centers of our lives.  You will find that as the time progresses from my Layouts.  

The Layout I am featuring I wanted to do a central theme about my family.  It is who I am,  Over the course of the past 17 years of my life. Family has become a central nervous system.  It is the spine of what I like to call our life.  
The Layout that I attached Features Pink, Yellows and Green.  All three are the favorite colors of us.  Green is Caitlins she picked out the buttons and ribbon.   Pink is my favorite color becuase I simply can't get enough of it.  And the Yellow is my Son's favorite color.  ( he likes it because it represents in his mind Life and light.)   
The Layout features a larger picture 6 x 8 of our family on our lawn last year during our family photo shoot.  It is who we are in our lives.   

The paper is from my stash ( the background paper I got in a kit from Costco about 4 years ago buy the cool bag ( which I have no clue where it went )  and get 500 sheets of paper   The other papers I used were from Memory Works.  The Letters are all stickers from Memory Works and the Flowers are die cuts and punches from Fiskars and the Cricut walk in my garden cartridge.   ON the bottom of the page is a large Rub on that came from a friend of mine and I don't recall the brand.  I aadded that accent to give the page some depth.   Enjoy and I hope that I can inspire you to capture your memories.  

Don't forget to check out my page at the Creative Cafe at  if you join mention you heard about it from Christy.  Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you all there soon