October 15, 2011

Friends are important

Last night was craft night at my house I think we are going to make it a regular event and boy was it fun.   Kathy and Britany showed up and we made a few cards,  Did a really cool little book ( mini Scrapbook) and then talked it is so nice to have "GNO ( girls nights out)"

I wonder if back in the times of the bible if their were such things as GNO?  did All of the women gather and share special times of friendship, love and conversation?  I can imagine it was alot different then today, No phones to pick up and say HEY what are you doing?  NO Text messaging to find out what was happening, No facebook to interact on,  No Email messages, and their probably was not even Mail service.  Wow hard to believe people just walked over and visited for a few.  No rushing kids to Gymnastics, Soccer, Basketball or anything just time to really get to know our neighbors and friends better.  I can imagine on GNO like ours their was snacks prepared, Maybe not Buttered Popcorn, but maybe Fresh Breads, rolls and such that were shared,  Probably not Coke either it was probably a glass of wine, Water or Tea served with the breads.   I just am in awe of their relationships they had.  The times they spent together were in Good and Bad, sickness and health, death and marriage and so forth.  I can't imagine how Mary felt.  People bashed her they betrayed her and worse they Gossiped with each other about her for carrying who we all now know as our Savior.  Think about how she felt.

This last few days have been spent in alot of prayer time.  For myself on relationships and for my  friends on their health, relationships and so forth.

Its amazing to think about how life evolves.   I moved here 7 months ago and in 7 months I have made some amazing friends,   Amy who lost two of her son's to a medical condition you can read her blog over on the side by clicking the Crazy hair lady ... BTW her hair is not that crazy in real life.  "A" who has married an Egyptian who is just an amazing person who has been banished by her family for marrying a Muslim,  I just feel so bad for her right now because people should never Judge on the religion but respect the person and their choices.  Right now "A" is struggling with her relationship with her family as she has siblings who have taken it to the extreme so much as to put a wedge between her and her parents on the choices she has made.  Her Husband is an amazing caring kind man.  One that any woman would love to have to respect and he has chosen "A" .  I respect that "A" went against her thought and went to visit her father before he passes, he suffers from PTSD and other illnesses and is very weak. But she did it she went and visited her father.   Which to me says I am stronger than anyone and strong enough to be able to put aside the remarks and unkind words.  I pray that she can find the strentgth to go forward and get the resolution from herself.  The journey she is embarking in will be thrown up with lots of anger and grief but she will get thru it and survive because Our GOD is a powerful god and is carrying her right now thru this journey. Though sometimes she feels abandoned and alone he is there with her.

Todays lesson was kind of powerful ..   Its been just almost a month since I started this journey and I wanted to point out what was said in the scripture today..

Psalm 40 1-3 I waited patiently for the LORD to help me, and he turned to me and heard me cry.  He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and mire.  He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.  He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see what he has done and be astounded.  The will put their trust in the LORD.

I just sat in awe as I read this again that Our GOD is so powerful that he can do what is stated above.  So today when you are sitting here pondering the challenges that are facing you and what is happening in your life and think GOD WHY are we going thru this..  Think about it because GOD is right there with you carrying you helping you along and making you feel that you are WORTHY you are GOD's Son or Daughter and you are the one who can make a world of difference.   Prayers for you today my readers.  May God reach out and touch your heart and hand and you feel it.. you feel his  presence.  God will make it happen for you are the son's and daughters of our GOD.   and It is so cool to know that I have more brothers and sisters than any known human alive because I have all of you.

Today when you sit down and think about something think about where you can go and help the person you least think needs help.  Do kind things, smile and have fun.. Today I pray that our Youth are touched when we go to a Community Youth Event and then off to a Christian concert. I am SO STOKED about this concert.. Finally I hope to openly praise and worship and allow our children the same.. The ability to Praise and Worship our GOD.   :)

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