October 23, 2011

God's Trials our Triumphs

Have you ever wondered why God does what he does?  The trials we are put thru?  Recently I was put into a position to have to call some one near and dear and deliver disappointing news that our children made a bad decision but as a Parent I needed to let you know of this decision. 

The results,  Anger, from the children,  grief and heartache from the parents that the kids we raised to be Godly made a mistake,  They sinned.   What is it that makes Children sin?  What is it that makes Adults sin?   What is it that makes us want to run away from it all and burrow and hide?

Believe me when I say all I wanted to do was run and bury my head in  sand like a Ostrich and hide.   But instead I sat down and prayed about the outcome and started making phone calls.  It was the hardest decision in my life to sit down and start calling parents that indeed their kids had made choices that were just unacceptable and my own child was one of them. 

So last night I sat in anger, grief, misery and prayed. God has delivered.   The consequences are still being dealt with and the choices these kids made is being handled.  But it was thru God that I had the courage to do what I did. I am so thankful that our God is a forgiving God and can forgive our children for what they do. 

 I wonder what would of happened had he not been on my side guiding me? 

So I sit here the day after the calls, the visits, the choices that children made and I sit and wonder.   Do you run and hide or do you take it face forward and keep moving .. and Praying for those who were wounded in this news. 

Prayers to the families involved and we will get thru this one way or another. 

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