November 12, 2011


God taught us patience,  but sometimes it wears so thin,

Tonight I sit in a room surrounded by bells, whistles, beeps, crying, tears, and just waiting for the answers to what is going on.   Its been 5 days since we started the journey of this one.  5 days of constant itching, swelling redness, puffiness and unknown answers.   The allergists were in saying indeed it may get worse before it gets better but we sit,  waiting on the doctors to figure out what the problem is.   But rather than sitting here upset we decided to do something about it.  So we made the best out of the situation and decided to share the fruit of god.  So sitting in the day room today from 2 to 4 pm we prayed with families and relished in the fact that though we are uncomfortable we are rashy, we are swollen and itchy we were so much better off than the children who were sitting in wheelchairs because they were not able to walk, children who were in for Chemo because they had cancer, Children who like us were hoping and praying for miracles and answers to what is wrong.  

So we sit,  meds are not helping the steriods make him swell and turn bright red,  the itch has not stopped since the last does of Epi last night.  and we sit and wait. The doctors agreed though even if we "are ready to go with out answers"  we are ready to stay to find the answers.  So with that we sit and are a patient with little patience.  So tonight I ask god to give us the ability to have Patience.  Patience with the effects of this illness/ reaction/ disease and patience with the staff as we look for answers that are not coming.   * maybe an episode of house would help us.   :)  

God knows the answers so we wait for the right person to enter our life that is sent by God to find us the cure to what we face every day the unknown.   16 years, and 3 weeks we beat the odds and we can continue to do it.   :)   One day at a time.  Jesus spoke the promises and healed people one day at a time we just wait for our day.  


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