November 13, 2011

Sheltering Tree's

Ever had that friend that no matter what loves you uncoditionally you can tell them anything you ever wanted to and know that no matter what it won't leave the depths of their ears.  Well I have that friend.  

I met Susan in 1995 in a Chat room on AOL.  Susan and I have alot in common and after much debate we determined we were sisters seperated at birth from a different mother and father.   The days of our lives revolved around times of seperation due to disagreements to times of just tears from things happening in our lives.  No matter what though it was times of sheltering we offered for each other that inspired me.  

Recently I started being a consultant for A muse studio and in my kit was this stamp set that had the quote " Your Friendship is like a Sheltering Tree"  this inspired me to make this.  

You see outside in my front yard is a Red Maple tree the leaves are shocking right now and I wanted to make sure to capture it and preserve it if at all possible so I sat and pondered about what to make then it came to me.   That stamp .  

Enjoy this moment of Creativity of an Altered Art Project it is in a 3 x 5 stretched canvas,  Glimmer mist was used for the background and the Leaf stamp is from Amuse studio as well as the flowers used on the front.  The 2 maple leaves symbols to me of our friendship being ever lasting like the color red.  Though we bleed red our blood runs deep and true.  Its all held together by Aleens Clear Tacky Glue and I simply love it.. The pearls and diamond accents are from Amuse Studio.  Enjoy 

 Want to see more creations go to Creativity Heals  and join our site for some great inspiration 
or simply visit for the products used in today's design.   

I would love to see your inspiration of what a Friend does for you.

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