November 9, 2011

Trips to ER's bring ......

Once again we spent the night at the ER this time for an allergic reaction or a flare up of the Shingles.   UGH.  Once again we were just at the point of getting ahead and POOF it happens stress flares infection which flares subset infections which flares stress.  

Gotta love this cycle.   But I am also reminded everyday, second or moment in life that indeed its a Journey we take.   I can't tell you how many times I have sat and talked with mom's and dad's who live our life.   The life of constant watching over your children to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

A little History of our Son,  It all started at 5 weeks old when we noticed he was not breathing well and such we rushed to the ER to be told its a cold and that he will be fine.  That was December 18th.  December 24th that year we were sitting in the PICU at Travis AFB with our son hooked up to every wire, monitor, and machine to keep him alive.  RSV was the diagnosis and of course their are 3 levels,  Good Bad and Worse,  we were facing the worse.   He survived after 10 days.   Next trip 4 months later unknown fever unknown illness yet again survived after a brief stay at the hospital.  So far in Zack's life we have visited the hospital for overnight stays of 20 days or more almost every year.  It feels like recently though its becoming more frequent.

But rather than focus on the fact that this is part of our reality of life.   Lets focus on the fact that this is part of our life.   this is an important part.  The friends that I have made are forever in this situation they all know and can feel what it is you go thru when things start to collapse around you.   They all know what it is like to find out that indeed the world in which you live in revolves around 4 walls, God, family, Friends and Hospitals.  Finding the best care for your child at the best time is what is top in the line.

So this brings us to today.   well last night another long night at the ER with a face swollen, eyes swelled, hives, and rashes all over the body and no answers.  Suspect that it was something he got into but Shingles lingers on my mind as a flare up.   I pray it is not but I suspect that indeed it is.  So we sit and wait to see if hte meds we were perscribed will work or not.  If so we sit and wait and see if they do.  and we go again one second, minute, hour, day, month at a time.    Its been 92 days since our last trip to the doctors its almost time to start it over.   Packing a bag just incase we wind up staying over night.

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