November 11, 2011

72 Days since our last visit

For those of you who know us know that yet again we are back in the ER for another short stay possibly long stay for our Son,  Zack has an allergic reaction going on and no one knows why or what or where the problem exists but we sit and wait.  

It was going so good Klark and I mentioned it a week and a half ago we were finally starting to see the surface of the water.  The top after an entire summer of back and forth to Children's gas prices falling and rising and then rising more and then the loss of Klark's Job for 5 weeks.  it was quite painful Faith got us thru it.  Here we are again. Advantage Klark has a job, Thank you God for this gift,  We are almost on top and I am okay with staying for a few days to get him taken care of.  

 it all started about a week ago when we noticed the surgery site started having a rash area,   suspecting an infection of some type calls were made and it was determined lets see what path it takes. So we did. adn it got better with in 2 days the rash was subsiding and we thought whew we did it no rush to ER, no mad trips to teh doctors office and we were good ..  That was Friday of last week.  FF to Tuesday at 530 am I am awaken with a zack who says to me I am not going to school I feel like Crap mom and I am swollen,   Not quite awake I looked up adn seen swelling ( not focused too well ) and told him to crawl back in bed and we would look again when he woke up.  Whew was he swollen.   So we headed off to the ER for a reaction of some type to look for relief.   We got a little not much but a little.. now FF to today,   we are now sitting in the ER at Cinci Childrens waiting on answers.  Answers of the unknown.

So today when you are sitting at home thinking of what you want to do I just ask a small favor of a prayer for my son and that we can get the answers and that a miracle can help us to find out what is wrong.

With love


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