November 28, 2011

OSU vs Michigan YAY Blue

Saturday was a great day,  Not only was it our town's annual Christmas parade which I went out to watch ( great floats for a small town)  but it was also the biggest rivalry game of the season.  All week I had been talking to our Discipleship Coordinator Jarrod at our church about how when Michigan won that Indeed I would prepare him the ultimate card for Sympathy.  Well I did it.

I was so thrilled when I google searched and found these Images at Dude Time Doodles.. They are perfect for that "manly card"  and I do think I have found a new love of the game.   So shocking and stunning to think about making a "manly card" with out flowers :)
So I used Penatly Pat which can be found Here   and for the inside I used Football Phil which is also found with Penalty Pat.   I colored these wtih my Copic markers which I love I get mine from mine from Here   I am starting a "copic club"  soon watch for details.  

So with out further ado here is the card that won't it all.   Enjoy

I would love to thank our Discipleship Coordinator for being such an awesome sport.   and I also wanted to thank my family for being so supportive of my hobby.  I do think this was by far one of my favorite cards to make this year.   Can't wait til December 1st when I do the kick off of Christmas 25 Christmas Projects in under an hour.  ( each one that is)   Enjoy


  1. Great cards and good luck with the Christmas Projects!!

  2. AWESOME!! We are pleased as punch that you found us too! Way to "represent" Michigan!

  3. Fabulous cards. Love how you have used these fab Dude's on your cards.

    Dude Time Doodles Dudette xx

  4. Those dudes have never looks so good! Great cards!
    Michelle B.
    Dude Time Doodles Dudette

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