November 23, 2011

And all thru the house

Turkey was cooking,  Pies are prepped for baking and the sides are prepared and its time to dine.

This year is kind of special because its one of the first times we have been able to be together as a family in a long time.  Just us.  Its kind of nice.   The kids are resting ( exhausted from the school week).

So I sit here the day before the big day and think of what I am thankful for .

1.  God - Who accepts me for who I am
2.  My husband Klark -  21 years together and we are going for 21 more
3.  My kids though teenage years are rough I would not change a moment with them.  Sometimes though I wish they were still little and needed mom more than now
4.  My Friends near and far.  with out them I would have no one to vent with
5.  My Freedom to be able to walk on the streets, praise our God in the way I want,  Vote and even more so the abliity to be able to voice our opinions with out fear of death from the government.
6.  My crafting room, its where I heal my mind and body and soul. its important for the stresses in life to be put aside during a few hours of creating art.
7.  This Blog which allows me to be open and free to express myself in ways i know how.
8.  The little things,  my pets, the house, a roof, Gas, Water and electric and more so the fact that I have family and friends who get what we are living with
9. Memories of past.  I miss the ones who are waiting for me in Heaven and its so cool that soon one day we will be reunited.  

With love this season I pray that you can find the time to spend with friends and family and those around you and be reminded is nto the size of the TV that matters its the size of the heart that matters.. Love one another as you love and be peaceful. May all your blessings be given during this holiday.


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