November 28, 2011


Its the Season of Christmas I am so excited about the upcoming Season not only because it is the Birth of my Savior,  but also because of the spirit of giving.   But its also about Change.  

Think about it by now in most places the Leaves have fallen,  the trees are bare and its a Change,   No more are the days of summer but yet the cool non sunny days of winter.   We can either let our spirit wither and fall or we can let it rise.  I challenge you to let it rise.  

Today I challenge you in the spirit of Christmas and the season to create Change and Hope. 

Check out this 8 minute video today of Change.  

What can you Change in your life today?  Can you change the way you look at people?  Can you change the way you help others?  Can you Change what you do in your life to affect others.  Have you ever been so far down that you wondered is their an up.  It takes one small token to Change the world. A penny to change the life of a person.   Just imagine if in this video if the little boy had not stopped to look and pick up that penny where would his mom or him be at this point.. One Moment in life and your world is changed.   One second and the entire reason you thought you were here is Changed.  

Today when you are sitting in front of your screen and thinking what can I do to make a difference.   Think about the Change you have sitting around.   

This past week we started a study in our Sunday School Class the Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn.  in the book he asks us.. What do you do with your Treasure.   Today its amazing to think that 10 years ago I sat and thought about what I needed to keep up with the Jones's,  What cool car I wanted to drive,  What house I wanted to live in, What TV I wanted to have in my living room.   now I think about How can I give that gift to others,  what person needs something not wants but needs something.  How can I feed the hungry?  How can I support the poor?  How can I make a difference in the lives of others around me both Old and young.  Can I go and sit in a nursing home or one of the shut in's in our church and sit and talk with them?  Can I visit a hospital and just offer a shoulder to cry on?   So this season I am making a difference.   I am going out to make the world a better place one person at a time.  Changing the world we know today from self centered to Centered around our God.  Planting seeds that will grow.  Sharing the word of our God and making sure that Everyone I know knows the God I serve the one that like in this video took care of those who needed cared for.   

Take a minute and pray for those you don't know yet that are coming in your life and pray for them to feel Christ's Presence and to know that even though they may not feel his love directly you are loving them for him, showing them that Christ is a god of all nations and is a god who will help all nations..   

Prayers for you my friend and prayers that this season you are blessed beyond your needs and able to share and give more than you ever thought possible.  God is amazing go forth and share his word.  

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  1. Love this Christy and so true girl! I am ready for a "change" and love serving my Lord but we need to serve our community and others as he has commanded...TFS and being God's the way I signed up for your email..I been a member for a few days you and hugs! :)