September 20, 2011

Day 4 - Worship time Thanks God I needed this

Worship the LORD with Gladness; Come before him with Joyful songs.  Psalm 100:2 NIV

I am so excited about this for a few reasons 
1  I love music 
2 I love music 
3 I love music 

with that being said I turned off all distractions cranked out the CD's from Big Ticket that I got a few years ago and turned them up.  

Worship its a time for you to be with God, for me its a time for me to be with God in a way that only I can describe.  Music lifts the soul,  Songs touch your heart and reach in and release the pain you feel, or strengthen your mind with Gods powerful words.   

Think about it .. if you listen to all types of music what do you hear.. the beat of course but do you listen to the words?   Imagine this.. Modern songs that are on the radio every day that we hear.  

Music its the voice of angels singing.  Songs that touch your soul in depths that are just amazing. Here are a few of my favorite songs.  

  One Republic Good Life.  reason why it touches me.. it talks of the life we have what we feel and what happens when we let go.  Just remember that its the song.. listen to the lyrics ...

Think about it..  Its got to be a good life.. Seriously this is a contemporary song that has feeling,  meaning having been to all of these places and feeling the feeling that he has all i can say is that it is a good life.  Its a life that we all need to have. 

  Then of course the first time I heard this song I broke down in tears and it still takes me there.  Remedy Point HOPE 
Read the Lyrics as the song plays feel the power and feel the presence of God.  I know you can feel it.  

Another great song that I listen too is Ayeshia Woods Big Enough  Take a listen to the words and feel it.. God you are BIG enough but I am not ..   I am listening to you and your power..  

Most of all though its all about the heart of life.   to me its one song that can bring me to my knees in a moments time,  Its the song that I most relate to,  A favorite of many but one of my Grandma Karen's favorites so much so that when I hear this in Church, on the radio, in my IPOD, on Pandora, or just anywhere I remember the smell, the touch the feeling that she brought to my life.   She was my rock and pillar of strength when anything collapsed she was my Grandma.  So as you sit and listen to this be thankful for those moments in life that bring back feeling and moments in your life.   Memories that were instilled that bring the part of your heart out of its case.   

The Daily step for today is to stop right now ... out loud ... Thank god for your peace.  Thank him for bringing peace into your marriage, your family, your heart and your mind 

God As I sit here and type out this prayer to you I THANK you for the peace you bring into my heart, life and soul.  I Thank you for the ultimate Sacrifice you paid for me and my sins.  I Thank you for my parents who raised me to believe in the power you are, I thank you for my Grandmother who made me who I am today.  I Thank you for my Husband who was molded in your image and can be the Spouse that is Godly, and honoring of his wife.  I thank you for my Children C & Z who can be your image to their friends.  I thank you for the knowledge you gave me to raise them in a godly home with values and morals.  I thank you for my friends who are there for me when things are going great and when things are going down hill.  I thank you moreso than any for carrying me thru the fires, protecting me thru the storms and loving me as your own child.  I am so thankful for you Lord God.  For you being the one who can make me be a better person.. God Thank you for who you are.   

As I close this today I pray that your life is enriched with just a sampling of songs that make a difference in my life .. their are more than this that bring me close to god and I pray that you can find the one that makes your heart flutter and your breathing to be relaxed as you worship with our God.   Praises to you my friends and all of God's people said AMEN.  

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