September 19, 2011

Day 3 - Early Morning Prayer

Colossians 4:2 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful

Prayer,  A simple conversation,  like saying good morning to the person you love,   A simple gesture to acknowledge our Father who art in heaven.  Sometimes prayer is hard to come by other times easy.  Today its pretty simple for me to pray all day all the time. 

 I constantly have been accused of talking to myself , however lately I have been simply responding as its a conversation with my father. A one on one simple sometimes deep conversation with our father. 

Lets ponder this for a moment do you begin your prayers with Our Father who art in heaven, or do you simply say God are you there its me Christy.   Lets think about it,  I remember as a kid reading Are you there God its me Margaret by Judy Blume.  In the book I specifically recall one prayer where she asked God if he was there..

Are you still there God? It's me, Margaret. I know you're there God. I know you wouldn't have missed this for anything! Thank you God. Thanks an awful lot

Silence followed and she pondered is he there. Of course people often ask when you pray do you hear god crystal clear.  Some times I have to say I do.. Crystal clear,  If I am quiet enough to listen to him. 

The key is to remember our God is a God who listens to prayers,  he hears them and then answers them.  Sometimes we are too busy to hear the answers or even worse we want to answer them for God.  Just imagine if we did not take a moment to stop and listen, what would happen?  would we go thru life looking at the world thru goggles?  only seeing what is in front of you or would you go thru life seeing everything around you. 

Prayer is just that its the open vision not blinded vision that allows you to see into God's eyes and hear his voice.  What would you say to him if you could look into his eyes at this very moment and have his undivided attention?   For me it would be Thank you,

 Thank you for the life you have given me.  Thank you for my Seasonal friends, and thank you for my friends who are here with me regardless of where I am in my life today.  Thank you for a Husband who understands that I am not perfect and that I too make mistakes and we are human.  Thank you for two beautiful children who have been honestly the light in my life.  Thank you for making each of them special in your own way and molding them in your hands before I ever got to hear their first breath.  Thank you for wonderful Parents , for raising me with morals and a life that was filled with you in my presence, Thank you for those who helped my journey to you be successful, from the Vacation Bible Schools at Kentwood Baptist Church when I was a preteen to friends that I cherish when I was a teenager who kept me on the right road making wise and good decisions.  Hard to believe how many years ago it was but today it seems like yesterday I was sitting at Trinity Baptist Church in Pineville Lousiana with my parents in the audience and looking over and seeing them see me be baptized in your name God.  You forgave me then for sins I had committed and now forgive me for sins that are still present.  I ask you god during this time to forgive me again for who I am and allow me to be more Christ Like and centered on you and your being.   I ask you to be the one that allows me to mentor and help friends and strangers know the God I know.  The Powerful one, the healer, the father, the comforter, the warrior and the one who cares for me like my own father did in real life. 

The task today was to write 5 things I am thankful for and To thank god for them.  out loud. 

So I sit here and type it out in the early morning hours I figure since I am here I need to tell him what I am thankful for

1.  My Family, K, C and Z,  My Parents T & J and My Inlaws B & S,  My brother J, and Brother in Law KK. 
2.  My Friends,  the ones near and dear to my heart,  The 3rd shift wives club :)  you know who you are, My Mafia,  the ones that cared for me when I was down and the ones who cared for me when i was up the ones who pray for me daily and who know me. 
3.  My Church  I am so thankful for my church the church as a whole who mended me when I was broke,  and who lift me when I am whole.  Who carry me when I am weak and who love me when I am desperate. 
4.  My God I am ever so thankful for the ultimate sacrifice he paid for me to be here today.  The thoughts of him being hung on a cross to die just pains my heart.  but yet every day I see people who believe and can believe openly in other countries treated like he was so many years ago.  I am thankful for the freedom I have where I live to worship the god I have. 
5.  The silent readers I have on here who read the blog to find guidance I pray that the words written reach out to you and can touch you in the way they are touching me. 

With this I close on the 20th of September it's K's 45th birthday and today is a day of celebration.  Another year we are blessed to have him here with us and another year of blessing others during this year.   God is simply amazing when you think about it and I pray that each of you can feel his presence today as I pray for you...

So God Thank YOU for who you are and THANK you for being who you are to me.  My father, warrior, savior, and husband.  The one that I can talk to with confidence and love unconditionally.  God you Reign. 

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