April 20, 2012

EXCITING news.......

Wow what a great week and month is has been God is truly moving in ways I could never have imagined.

Sit back for a few and enjoy a moment of just some awesome Praise Reports.

1.   Today I helped raise funds for Anna's Army by having cards available for sale,  it was amazing to watch, see and hear the people support Anna's Army.  Not sure what Anna's Army is. Check them out at   Simply in awe of their goal to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.    I am awe of their drive, tenacity and love of this little girl.

Here is a photo from today's festivities from a friend of mine Todd Kessinger.  Check out his work here.

Next I wanted to share what this little girl has done in my life.

Jesus made choices when he was choosing who to heal and who to not heal.  I believe that even though he chooses to take our loved ones from us I believe that he does so, so we can heal ourselves.   I watched 2 parents who lost their daughter to an awful disease who could of been bitter and upset praise God for the blessing they gave them of having their daughter with them for a short time.  Life makes you realize how precious each day is.  

I choose to live each day the way God directs me.  Meaning that I make decisions that affect not only myself but those around me.   The thought of being here right now in Hillsboro is weird.    1.  I never chose to live here.  I believe God directed me here for a reason.   2.   God surely has a goal in my life to smack me down to the ground and then pick me back up again in his hand and say are you going to let me drive?    3.   God has a motivation to make change.   4.  God has the ability to make you make the choices you make.  Do you let him lead you or do you take control of the wheel and let things happen or do you openly pray for GOD to take control of you and see what he has planned for you.  

This past week has been a week of reflection.   Meeting with the worship committee about our Church Service to see how we are doing.   It was an awakening.  Am I doing enough to reach out to friends in my life to share what an awesome experience Church is in my life.  Am I reaching thru the barbed wire fence to get scratched and told NO only to find that that one reach might be reaching someone who needs to hear what He has done in my life?   I am trying and letting him lead... its kind of amazing how .... In just a few days I will have been in Hillsboro Ohio for 1 year . and some days it feels like I just moved here .. but most days it feels like I have lived here my whole life.   KIND of cool how he is doing this in my life.

So I sit here tonight after an amazing day watching an ENTIRE town come out to walk for a child who passed 3 years ago from Cystic Fibrosis and stand strong.   To stand there and think that we should be celebrating her 13th birthday instead we are celebrating her life here on earth.    So tonight as you sit here are read this and think what can I do...   Do three things...

1.   Find your kids wherever they are .... TELL THEM you LOVE them uncoditionally with no regrets.  
2.   FIND your Spouse or Signifigant other... and thank them for listening to God and finding you when there were so many other fish in the sea.
3.   FIND your spirit... Find that moment when you hear GOD speaking to you and instead of listening to him for a moment.. stop him in mid sentence and THANK him for all of your blessings in your life.  EVERYTHING and thank him for blessing you .

Many Blessings and praises...

Now on a lighter note...  GUESS what I did today :)   as well as work Anna's Army for Cystic Fibrosis.   I  opened up an Etsy Shop to sell my cards and wares..... :)

Check it out here.

and check out this cool card I made today for Graduation.....

Have an awesome weekend and an awesome week... See you in a few days with some more awesome news and praise reports..


  1. Love your card. Great job!


  2. This is fabulous!!!
    Jessica S

  3. Christy thank you so much for your testimony and it was heartfelt and I love how God works too and isn't he amazing!! :) Your card is just awesome...will have to put this on my list of things to learn...the list is getting long...hehe...hugs girl and love ya! :)