April 23, 2012

Its time for Prom.

Wow,   Been years since I discussed prom and now I have both of my children going of course I look back at my highschool and I did not go to prom.  Not because I did not want to, but because I worked a full time job and money was so much more important.   In fact the first formal I went to was in Singapore with my husband to the Navy Ball.  What a great night that was.  Dressed up, hair up and make up on and Flowers.

My daughter is going to prom in a beautiful dress with lots of sparkle and my son is going in a white tux.   Where has the time gone.   Yesterday they were just 3 and 4 and playing together and having fun now they are heading to Prom.   All the sudden the thought of them being gone from the house is becoming more of a reality and its scary to think that our babies are growing up.

Today I sat while doing my daily bible study and thought about my highschool years.   I was a "geeky" girl with glasses, braces, and funky hair I had skin problems ( like all teenagers) and I did not wear the best of clothes but yet I had the coolest car ( 1979 Plymouth horizon) okay it was not the coolest but it was mine and that little car got me everywhere I needed to go with out any qualms.  No air, no powersteering and no power window's but I had shag carpet a stereo and I in my own mind was COOL.  

I look at my kids who both don't drive yet mainly because of cost .   When we were kids cars were cheap, gas was cheap and insurace was cheaper.   Now Cars are pricey, Insurance is thru the roof and gas yeah I will leave that one alone.

I wonder if in the days when Jesus walked the earth if parents thought of the things we think of.   Will our kids make it  home okay,  Will they be successful in life.  Will they make the right choices?  I am sure that each parent when they were sitting there looking at their children were wishing the best for them.  I too am wishing for this for my children the best that they can be regardless of what they decide to do.. I hope that I have molded them to be adults in todays world to be successful and honest and trusting and most of all serving.

Enjoy this moment today and enjoy this corsage I made up for my son's date to prom Allie. I know they will be beautiful together and I know this will just be a subtle reminder of a GREAT night at Prom.  Much love.   Christy


  1. thanks so much for coming by my blog, commenting and following! i am happy to be following you back now! :) your corsage is gorgeous!!!

  2. wow beautiful projects