May 4, 2012

Happy Baby Mother's day

Good morning .... 

So sorry I missed yesterday but its okay,   Today I will be giving away 2 Random cards to 2 lucky people.  

But before I do that I have to share with you these adorable toes..   

Nothing says love like Baby toes.  The idea came that I could make Hearts out of feet from babies for a cute Mother's day card.  Then it hit me .. lets try it out ... 

So I had a brave little Baby Little Payten,  She is 3 1/2 months old come over.   Should of video taped her face I put her toes on that cold ink :)   

Her Grandma will be the reciepient of this card.    Just a perfect Mother's Day card for that special some one in your life.   

I hope you enjoy this.. its so adorable.   

Don't forget 2 cards today I won't be back to check on things til Saturday Night but I hope to see you soon.    Christy ....